Articles and Interviews

This section includes articles and interviews related to Unico and those that have worked on the series. Since many of these were in Japanese, we’ve taken the time to translate and compile everything in one place. Most of these are from out of print material that we wanted to share for informational purposes. Everything is in alphabetical and chronological order.

※ Please note: As we are not fluent in Japanese, there may be some translation errors.

Animage Magazine

December 1980 Vol. 30
Information and comments

December 1982 Vol. 54

The Anime Magazine

December 1982 Issue

August 1983 Issue #45
Coming soon!
Kinejun Motion Picture Times

March 1981 Issue #807
MOE Magazine

March 2016 Issue #437
Coming Soon!
OUT Magazine

August 1983 Issue
Blurb and character introductions
Ryu Magazine

November 1980 Issue 8
Word from Osamu Tezuka
Special Edition Lyrica – Unico Special Issue

January 1, 1978
Roundtable Discussion with Osamu Tezuka, Leiji Matsumoto, and Moto Hagio

Strawberry News

March 1981 Issue #144
Special Message from The Strawbery King
Interview with Director Toshio Hirata
Osamu Tezuka Spotlight
Tezuka Fan Magazine

April 1983 Issue #38
Unico Director Moribi Murano
Supervision Osamu Tezuka
Word From Animators
Unico Producer Tsunemasa Hatano (Sanrio)
Unico Producer Masao Maruyama (Madhouse)
In Charge of “Shougaku Ichinensei” Unico — Yoshihide Nakano
In Charge of Sanrio’s “Lyrica” Unico — Norio Yamakawa

June 1983 Issue #40
Coming Soon!

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