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Unico from Unico: Awakening by Samuel Sattin/Gurihiru
Copyright Samuel Sattin/Gurihiru/Tezuka Productions

Hello! I’ve set up this page to help others quickly find the latest news and updates regarding Unico: Awakening. It was previously on the information page created for the manga, but I felt this may be easier to access. I’ll continue to update this page, so check back if it is of any help to you!

I’m only a fan, so I’m not affiliated at all with the Kickstarter, but definitely head over to the official page to get the latest news and more when available. My goal is to help keep people informed about big news on the Unico: Awakening project.

Visit the Official Unico: Awakening Kickstarter Page for updates! Note: Not all updates will be available as some are Backer Only.


UPDATE June 6, 2024:
Graphix/Scholastic released the official Unico: Awakening trailer today!

UPDATE May 9, 2024:
The latest Kickstarter update includes more information on when they’ll be charging shipping for orders and how you can update your shipping and payment information. You can learn more on the UNICO: AWAKENING Update on Kickstarter. Final fulfillment is mid-July.

UPDATE April 4, 2024:
Several backers of the Kickstarter asked if they could change their shipping address before items were shipped, and yes, you will have the opportunity to update your information before items are shipped when everything is ready. The Kickstarter team shared this information in the comment section on the Kickstarter page as it’s a frequently asked question.

UPDATE March 9, 2024:
Another Kickstarter update by Samuel Sattin provides us with an arrival date for backers, which will be around June 17. Check out the latest update on the Kickstarter page for more information. Glad to see the interest in Unico: Awakening continues to grow!

UPDATE February 21, 2024:
Mr. B notified us that Publisher’s Weekly shared the On-Sale Calendar: August 2024 Books list which features Unico: Awakening (Scholastic’s Graphix version). According to the list, they will print 200,000 copies for the first volume, which is quite impressive for a first run!

UPDATE February 8, 2024:
Thanks to Mr. B for giving us the heads up about Popverse’s latest Unico: Awakening article, we now get a sneak peek of the comic and the cover for the Scholastic version has been revealed! You can check it all out on Popverse’s website!

UPDATE February 6, 2024:
Samuel Sattin revealed a sneak peek of the cover for the Kickstarter version of Unico: Awakening on the latest update post. If you backed the project, I suggest heading over to check it out! As it’s a Backers Only post, I will not have the image up on the site until it’s properly revealed.

UPDATE January 6, 2024:
Gurihiru posted on X/Twitter a few updates about Unico: Awakening. The comic is completed after a slight delay because of changes related to the Scholastic version. A Kickstarter reply from Octas also mentioned production information.

UPDATE November 16, 2023:
Samuel Sattin posted on social media with news of Unico: Awakening being a part of Free Comic Book Day on May 4, 2024. Check out all the other comics that will be available at the Multivercity Comics website. Thanks to Mr. B for the heads up, there is also a preview of the comic on Previews World!

UPDATE November 9, 2023:
As the comic is close to completion, many backers are curious about shipping costs, especially those outside the United States. It was mentioned on the Kickstarter page’s latest update (in the comment section) that there will be information about that in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

UPDATE September 23, 2023:
Samuel Sattin posted another update regarding the late pledge system for the Kickstarter. The last day to get your hands on the book and PDF of Unico: Awakening is October 1, 2023, and the last day for the add-ons will be November 1, 2023. You can see the update here.

UPDATE September 20, 2023:
Scholastic will publish Unico: Awakening starting August 6, 2024, and there will be a total of four volumes. This is big news, as this gives access to the Unico comics for children (and adults) from across the globe. Unico: Awakening is no longer simply a Kickstarter book. It will be a worldwide published collection for everyone to enjoy. See the news and information here for more details.

UPDATE August 21, 2023:
On the KickstarterSamuel Sattin mentioned on the 19th update that there will be exciting news announced sometime this fall. Wonder what it could be!

UPDATE July 5, 2023:
As the comic heads toward completion, the new estimated fulfillment of backer rewards will be late Fall as mentioned in the Kickstarter update. Gurihiru shared WIP panels and mentioned the number of pages was more than planned. While we eagerly wait for the day we can read the book, we completely understand that more time is needed. We look forward to seeing the completed book and all the other items!

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