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The Anime December 1982 Issue featuring Unico in the Island of Magic blurb.

About the Magazine
The Anime’s first issue was published in November 1979. The magazine’s format and structure was influenced by Animage magazine, but it published plenty of information and interviews about screenwriters, episode directors, and more. The magazine ceased publication on January 1987. The blurb below talks about the second film, “Unico in the Island of Magic” with comments from Kazuo Tomizawa before it was released in theaters.

Translated by Crystal “Xellis” Rider (11/21/2023)

The Anime
December 1982 Issue

The animation director is Kazuo Tomizawa, who has produced such unique works as The Door into Summer (Natsu e no Tobira) and Wandering Clouds (Haguremono), instead of Akio Sugino, who worked on the first film. “Compared to the previous Unico, he looks much more like a baby, doesn’t he? The key point was whether he looked cute when he moved. I guess it was a reflection of my personality that I included so many gag scenes. I hope the audience will enjoy the work lightheartedly, without being harsh. That’s why, unlike in the past, I’ve been boldly scrapping my designs.”

The story is about Unico, and a beautiful girl named Cherry who fight against an evil wizard named Kukurukku. The story is sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, involving Cherry’s runaway brother, Tolby, and a stray cat with his Walkman. “I was rather particular about Cherry. She is the central character in the story. I wanted to create a girl who would live a bright life without showing too much sadness. As for the film as a whole, I wanted to make at least one film like this that I could show my children when they are born. It will be a mysterious film, like a toy box turned upside down.”



作画監督は第一作の杉野昭夫氏から、「夏への扉」「浮浪雲」とユニー クな作品を手がけた富沢和雄氏に。 「前のユニコと比べるとだいぶ赤ちゃん風になったでしょう? 動いた 時にかわいく見えるかどうかをポイントにおいたんですよ。ずいぶんギ ャグシーンをとりいれたのは僕の性 格が出たのかな。ともかく肩肘はらず軽く楽しんでもらえれば、というのがあるんです。だから今までとは 違って、思いきってデッサンをくずしたりしています」
お話はユニコと美しい少女チェリーが悪い魔法使いのククルックと戦うというもの。これに家出したチェリーの兄、トルビーやウォークマン をつけたドラネコがからんで、時に は愉快に、そしてちょっぴりしんみ りする場面も入って、展開する。 「チェリーには わりとこだわりました。話の中心になるキャラクターで すしね。あまり悲しさを出さず、明 るく生きていく女の子にしたかった。 映画全体について言うなら、一本ぐらいはこういった、いつか自分に子供ができた時に見せられる作品を作りたいと思っていました。きっと、 おもちゃ箱をひっくり返したみたい な不思議な映画になりますよ」