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Title: 아기 요정 유니코
Translation: Agi Yojeong Yuniko / Baby Fairy Unico
Release Date: Broadcasted on TV December 31, 1983 5:20-7pm; February 1, 1984 4-5:40pm; VHS released in 1991*
Information: The Korean dub was released by Hyeseong Dolphin Video (1989). On May 5, 2008, 12-1:30pm, the movie was broadcasted again.

Cover of VHS

Title: 아기 요정 유니코 2
Translation: Agi Yojeong Yuniko 2 / Baby Fairy Unico 2
Release Date: VHS released in 1992
Information: Hana Video released the second movie on VHS. May have been broadcast on TV around the same time the first movie.

유니코 (KBS2 1983년)
아기요정 유니코 2 (하나 비디오 1992년)

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