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2010 DVD

The Spanish-language version of Unico, titled Unico, El Pequeño Unicornio (Unico, the Little Unicorn), aired on local TV in Spain and was released on Beta and VHS tapes around 1984 by PolyGram Video, not too long after the English-language version. They did not dub the music in the film, so the Japanese version plays during those scenes.

Videocuentos Infantiles Unicornio

In 1989, the company Planeta-De Agostini released the first film as part of the Videocuentos Infantiles series (Children’s fairy tales). They split the movie in to two parts to create separate “episodes” or “stories.” The first episode featured the events with Único and Beezle (Akuma-kun) and ends when Cati (Chao/Katy) transforms into a human. The second episode finishes the movie, with Cati meeting the Baron and to when they fight his demon form.

Not only were video tapes available of the movie, they partnered each tape with a collectible storybook of the events from each part. The book covers matched their video tape counterparts, and allowed children the ability to read or watch the film.

2010 DVD

In 2008, Unico was released on DVD for the first time in Spain thanks to Divisa Home Video. Not only was the first film released, but the second film Unico en la Isla de la Magia (Unico in the Island of Magic) and pilot episode Unico Nube Negra, Pluma Blanca (Unico Black Cloud, White Feather) were dubbed in Spanish for the first time. This allowed more people to view the second film and finally get to see more Unico!

The manga has yet to be translated and published in Spanish, but we hope one day it will!

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