Animage Magazine December 1982

Animage Magazine December 1982 issue with Unico blurb

Animage Magazine
December 1982 Vol. 54
Page 84

SECT4 – Japan-U.S. Competition, World of Fantasy
“Unico Part II” (Tentative Title) Close-up

Animation Director
Kazuo Tomizawa

The film “Unico Part II” (tentative title), which was currently in production with the aim of being screened in 1983, has recently completed production. We heard rumors that Unico would have a different look from the first film, so we talked to Kazuo Tomizawa, the animation director, to find out more about it. “This time around, Unico is very childlike compared to the first film. He has a big head and the poses and timing of his movements are very childish. All the characters are new, except for Unico, which I drew with simple shapes and lively movements. However, since it was a fantasy animation, we were careful not to make the characters too realistic,” he says. The scene he particularly wants viewers to see is “the scene where a girl named Cherry, who saved Unico, goes on a trip with him to look for her brother Tolby,” and it seems Cherry is Tomizawa’s favorite character. It is inevitable that the film will have a high density finish in terms of time, with a production period of approximately one year. The vivid fairy tale envisioned by director Moribi Murano will be born soon.

SECT4 – 日米競演、ファンタジいの世界
ページ 84


83年上映を目ざし製作中の「ユニコパートⅡ」 (仮題) の作画がこのたび終了した。第一作とはちがったイメージのユニコになるとのうわさを聞きつけ、作画監督の富沢和雄氏に話を聞いてみると。 「今回のユニコは第一作にくらべとても子供っぽくなっています。 頭でっかちで動きのポーズやタイミングがとても幼い感じですね。ユニコ以外はすべて新しいキャラで、 こちらは形はシンプルに動きは生き生きと作画しました。ただファンタジー・アニメということで、キャラたちがリアルになら ないように気を使いましたね」と話す。とくに見てほしい場面は「ユニコを助けたチェリーという女の子が、ユニコとともに兄トルビーを探しに旅に出るシーン」とのことで、このチェリーこそ富沢氏がもっとも気に入ってるキャラだそうだ。製作期間約一年と時間的にみても密度の高い仕上がりは必至。監督村野守美氏思い描くビビットメルヘンがもうすぐ誕生する。

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