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Title: The Fantastic Adventures of Unico
Release Date: 1983
Information: In 1984, the video company Magic Window (RCA/Columbian Pictures children's movie company) released the first Unico movie for Betamax and VHS under the title, The Fantastic Adventures of Unico. The movie did well in the USA and the second movie was released the following year.

VHS Blurb:
Unico, the Magical Unicorn, is born with incredible powers that make people happy. But that angers some very jealous gods. They order the West Wind to cast the tiny Unicorn into exile -- and thus begins Unico's amazing adventures.
He's whisked away tot he Land of Mist on the Edge of the Earth where he teaches the meaning of friendship to Beezil, the pesky little Devil of Solitude. But Unico cannot stay.
He journeys on to meet Katy, a sad little kitty, who dreams of becoming a witch. When Unico's magic transforms her into a beautiful girl, she falls under the spell of a wicked count and a raging demon. Evil and hatred challenge Unico's power of love.
Entertainment for the entire family, rich in lessons of love and kindness, beautifully told in high-quality animation. Original score.

Title: Unico in the Island of Magic
Release Date: 1985
Information: In 1985, the second movie, Unico in the Island of Magic, was released on both Betamax and VHS media.

VHS Blurb:
The loveable Unico, sought after by angry gods, embarks on a journey of hardship that leads him to the forest of Melvin Magnificat, a cranky feline! Unico is befriended by Cheri, a young girl who gives him food and shelter. Their happiness is darkened, however, by the appearances of the evil Lord Kuruku whose goal is to turn everyone in the entire forest into living puppets!
Even Toby, Cheri's brother, has fallen under his spell and helps Kuruku acquire more puppets. Cheri and Unico's efforts to stop him lead them to dangerous places such as Nightmare Island. At the end of the earth, they meet the Trojan Horse who tells them that Kuruku's magic can only be fought with love and courage. With these virtues in hand, it is now up to Cheri and Unico to defeat this evil.

Several years later in 2012, Discotek Media acquired the movies and pilot episode, releasing them on DVD for the first time. The pilot episode, titled Unico: Black Cloud and White Feather (Unico Kuroi Kumo to Shiroi Hane), had never been released to English-speaking audiences. While it was not given a dub, it was still exciting for fans to see.


Cover of English-translated Manga

Title: Unico
Release Date: April 23, 2013
Information: A Kickstarter was launched by DMP in 2012 for an English translation of Unico along with Atom Cat and Triton of the Sea. In 2013, Unico was finally published and released for the first time ever in English. A hardcover and softcover version was made available to readers.


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Title: Unico
Release Date: 80s
Information: After its release in the west, UK company, Mountain Video, picked up the first movie and it was sold under the Graphic Video label. The movie was first previewed on Flash! promo tape.

VHS Blurb:
A marvellous magical Unicorn with the gift of bringing happiness wherever he goes. This sumptuous cartoon conceived by Osamu Tezuka will take you to a world of enchantment and wonder. A lovingly created masterpiece of childrens [sic] entertainment that can be compared favourably with the best of its genre. Comedy, adventure and fantasy combine to make this film a truly enjoyable film experience.

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