First Grader Unico Related Publications

First Grader Version

After the Lyrica Magazine was discontinued, Sanrio returned the rights to all creators to allow them to publish elsewhere if they chose. Osamu Tezuka continued Unico, but in a new magazine and format. Instead of comics geared towards young girls, now they were for young children and published in First Grader Magazine (Shougaku Ichinensei). Unico was published in the magazine from April 1980 to January 1984. Like the original comic, they have also republished the First Grader version over the years.

1980 – 1984Shougaku Ichinensei Magazine
1983Color Version Elementary School Comics by Shogakukan
1993Osamu Tezuka Manga Complete Works Part Two by Kodansha
1994Osamu Tezuka Manga Picture Book by Shogakukan
2004Unico Shougaku Ichinensei by Pikka Pika Comics
2009Osamu Tezuka Bunko Complete Works by Kodansha
2021On Demand Version Osamu Tezuka Complete Works by Maruzen Junkudo Bookstore