Supervision Osamu Tezuka

Tezuka Fan Magazine featuring Unico on the cover.

Tezuka Fan Magazine
April 1983 Issue #38

Translated by Crystal “Xellis” Rider (3/19/2023)

Supervision Osamu Tezuka

Of course, this time around, Unico is a modern animation, using a lot of transmitted light and perspective to create intense movement. I thought it was much better than Part 1.
Some people say that it’s not Osamu Tezuka’s Unico, but it can’t be helped, just like Astro Boy, which was done by Tezuka Productions, was a completely different Atom depending on the person who did it. This is the second time for Unico, and I’m working on something I’ve never made before. Not to mention, Mr. Murano is the director, so…

However, good or bad, I think that Mr. Murano’s personality is strongly expressed in this work. I really like Mr. Murano’s personality, and he’s a top-notch manga artist and animator. I think it’s very good in its own way, but the synopsis I wrote at the beginning differs completely from the punch line. The first one I wrote was too long, so I asked Madhouse to shorten it. I didn’t like it, so I rewrote it and gave it to Mr. Murano. That’s how we ended up with this movie. As I said earlier, the punch line is different. In this movie, the sphinx child Marusu appears, but this time is just there. In my synopsis, this Marusu comes up with a riddle which is a habit of the sphinx. Unico, who answered, befriends Marusu and goes in search of the wizard. There, Cherry and Unico are turned into dolls, leaving Marusu alone. In desperation, Marusu gives the wizard three riddles. In the meantime, the magician answered without a problem, and the third question was, “how do you return a human being who has become a doll?” He answered that, and everyone went back to normal. The punch line was like this, but the last one ended up with Sanrio-style humanism. Please watch the movie to see which one is better.

(February 19, 1983 Fan Club Interview)

※ Please note: As we are not fluent in Japanese, there may be some errors.

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1983 4月号

監修 手塚治虫


でも、やっぱり今回の作品は村野氏の性格が、良くも悪くも強烈に出ていると思う。僕は村野氏の性格はものすごくかうし、漫画としてアニメーターとして超一流の人ですからね。僕はそれなりに大変いいものだと思いますよでもね、最初僕の書いたシノプシスと、オチがまるで違っているんです。一番初めに書いたのは長過ぎたので向こう(マッドハウス)で縮めてもらったのですが、僕の気にいらないものだったので、僕がまた書き直して村野氏にわたしたんです。それで結局今回の映画になったんですが。先にも言ったように、オチが違っているんです。この映画に、スフィンクスの子供マルスが出てきますが、今回はただいるだけになってしまったんです。僕のシノプシスだとこのマルスが、スフィンクスの癖でナゾを出すんです。それに答えたュニコはマルスと仲良くなり、魔法使いを探しに行きます。そこでチェリーとユニコは人形にされてしまい、マルスだけが残るんです。せっぱつまったマルスは魔法使いにナゾを三いらつ出すんです。間とも魔法使いはスラスラと答えてしまい、三問目の 「人形になった人間を元に戻す方法」。というのにも答えてしまって、みんなが元に戻るんです。こういったオチがあったんですが、やっぱり最後の方がサンリオ風ヒューマニズムになってしまって…。どっちの方がよかったかは映画を観てください。


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