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Title: Unico, la petite licorne
Translation: Unico, the Little Unicorn
Release Date: March 23, 2005
Information: The publisher, SOLEIL, published the manga in two volumes.

La colline aux bisonsBison Hill
Resplendissante RoselliaResplendent Rosellia
La minette sur un balaiThe Kitty on a Broom
Pluie noire et plume blancheBlack Rain and White Feather
Retour aux sourcesReturn to the Source
Les crocs d’AthènesThe Fangs of Athens
Bal d’un soirOne Night Ball
La solitude d’UnicoUnico’s Loneliness
Unico: Le Commencement Cover

Title: Unico: Le Commencement
Release Date: November 12, 2024
Information: Scholastic will publish the French version of Unico: Awakening. For more information about this book series, please see our links below:

– Unico: Le Commencement
– Unico: Awakening (2024)

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