OUT Magazine

OUT Magazine August 1983 Issue

(Translated by Crystal “Xellis” Rider)

OUT Magazine
August 1983 Issue

Pages 32 and 33

Scheduled to open at Hibiya Miyukiza and other theaters from July 16.

Transported once again to a strange land, Unico’s new adventure begins. The fantasy that overflows from the screen is too good to be shown only to children. We are pleased to present a spotlight preview of the four (?) unique characters who are at the center of the attraction. Now, please accept our invitation.

“Attractive Character Mini Feature”

Brother & Sister – Tolby and Cherry
A brave girl who travels with Unico to Fuigo Island, where the wizard lives, hoping to save her parents who have been turned into “living dolls,” and return them to their original selves. She is not only strong, but her compassion is so great that she even transforms Unico with the power of love. When she is turned into a “toy doll” by a magic spell, her mature mood and dreamy dancing are beautiful, and male fans should beware of her perfect charm.

A young man who, in modern terms, is a building block wannabe. After running away from home, he becomes a wizard’s apprentice, and hoping to learn more about his magic, attacks people and animals, turning them into “living dolls” and taking them to Fuigo Island.

But when his beloved sister, Cherry, falls into the hands of the wizard, he can no longer contain himself and rebels. He’s a handsome young man who doesn’t seem to need magic, but why not Char1 too?


The Spirit of the West Wind abandoned Unico in a forest by the command of the gods because he had the power to make people happy. There, Unico met a young girl named Cherry, and went to the mysterious Fuigo Island to chase after her brother Tolby, who had turned his parents and the villagers into “living dolls” and taken them away. Tolby had become an apprentice to the magician Kukurukku, but he found his sister and helped Cherry and Unico, who had been turned into “toy dolls,” escape. To find out how to break the spell, the two visited the Sphinx, where they met her son, Marusu, who told them that the wooden horse at the end of the earth should know how to break the spell, so they set off on a journey again with Marusu.

Unico’s wings carry them through the sky, and at the world at the end of the earth, after hearing Kukurukku’s true identity from the wooden horse, Unico and his friends realize that only love and courage can defeat evil magic and they return once more to Fuigo Island, and then there’s the battle with Kukurukku…


Unico brings love to people, and when a person is filled with love, Unico is destined by the gods to live alone in a strange land.

Without love, he is nothing more than a weak animal. What other protagonist could be so skillfully calculated and subtly crafted to create drama?

The love that remains in the hearts of those who encounter him determines the power he possesses. Unico may truly be a “mirror that reflects love.”

Even in “To the Island of Magic” Unico is determined to make peace with Kukurukku, who is ruthless to the end of the story. The real appeal of “Unico” is hidden there.


A creepy magician who never sits still, and constantly changes his appearance, color, and light. As a character that can only be created in animation, there are few characters more unique than this.

Originally a marionette specializing in playing villains in a puppet theater troupe, Kukurukku was abandoned simply because his strings got tangled, and he soon began to resent humans. In a world at the end of the earth, a little bit of sunlight and 300 years of time gave Kukurukku magical powers.

His body, which is ever-changing and even his true form is unclear, could be interpreted as a reflection of Kukurukku’s heart, who lost sight of people because he hated them so much, but in any case, please take a moment to look at the many extreme charms of this creepy and comical character that even Unico cannot match.

ページ 32と33

7月16日より 日比谷みゆき座他にて公開予定

再び見知らぬ土地へと運ばれて、ユニコの新しい冒険が始まります。スクリーンからあふれんばかりのファンタジーは、子供たちだけに見せておくのはもったいないほど。そこで、魅力の中心となるユニークなキ ャラクター4人(?)を紹介してのスポット・プレビュ 一です。さあ、招待状をどうぞ。


Brother & Sister トルビーとチェリー

”生き人形”に変えられた両親を、もとの姿に戻してもらおうと、魔法使いのいるふいご島へユニコと渡る勇敢な少女。シンが強いだけでなく、その思いやりの深さは、ユニコをも愛の力で変身させるのです。 かんべき魔法で”オモチャ人形”に変えられた時の 大人びたムードとドリーミーな舞い姿もまた美しく、その完璧な魅力に、男子ファンよ御用心。

今風に言えば積木くずし青年? 家出のあげく魔法使いの弟子となり、もっと術を教えてもらおうと、人や動物を襲い、”生き人形” に変えてはふいご島に運んでいます。



なまじ人間を幸せにする力を持っているばかりに神神 の命令で、西風の精に、とある森の中へ捨てられたユニコ。 そこでユニコは少女チェリーと出逢い、両親や村の人 人を『生き人形”に変えて連れ去った彼女の兄のトルビ ―を追って不思議なふいご島へ乗りこみます。魔法使い ククルックの弟子になっていたトルビーでしたが、妹だ けはと、見つかって『オモチャ人形”にされたチェリー とユニコを、外へ逃がしてくれました。魔法を解く方法 を知るために、スフィンクスのもとへ訪れた2人は、そ こで息子のマルスと会い、遠い地の果てにいる木馬なら それを知っているはずと聞いて、再びマルスともども旅 へ出ます。

ユニコの翼が2人を乗せて天を駆け、地の果ての世界 で、木馬にククルックの正体を聞いたユニコ達は、愛と勇気だけが悪い魔法に勝てると気付き、もう一度ふいご島へと戻っていきます。そしてククルックとの戦いが・・・。


人々に愛をもたらし、そしてその人が愛によって満たされた時には、 一人見知らぬ国へと去らねばならな い宿命を神々から定められたユニコ。

愛してくれる者には雄々しい翼のあ るユニコーンとなってそれに報いることができるのに、愛がなければただの弱々しい動物でしかない・・・。ドラマを生むのに、これほど巧みに計算され、微妙に作られた主人公が他にいるでしょうか?




一時もじっとしていず、たえず姿 を、色を、光を変える気味の悪い魔 法使い。アニメーションならではのキャラクターとして、これ以上ユニークな存在はそういるものではありません。

もとは人形劇団の悪役専門の操りあやつ人形だったククルックは、糸がからまったというだけで捨てられ、やがて人間をうらむようになったのです。 地の果ての世界で、ほんの少しだけあたる陽光と、300年という時間が、 ククルックに魔法の力を与えました。

変幻自在、本当の姿さえはっきりしないその体は、人を憎むあまり見 失ってしまったククルックの心のあらわれとも解釈ができそうですが、 何はともあれ、ユニコすら及ばない不気味にしてこっけいなその極端な魅力の数々に、しばらく御注目くだ さい。


  1. 1. Translation Note: They are referring to Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam who is not only a handsome blond man, but both Tolby and Char characters share the same voice actor, Shūichi Ikeda. ↩︎