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Title: 神奇独角马; 小白角; 独角小福星
Translation: Shénqí dú jiǎo mǎ / Magical Unicorn; Xiǎo bái jiǎo / Little White Horn; Dú jiǎo xiǎo fúxīng / Little Unicorn Fúxīng
Release Date: N/A
Information: No information on movie releases can be found.


Photo from 复刻版:镇站之宝:《小小独角兽》 blog post

Title: 小小獨角獸
Translation: Xiǎo Xiǎo dú jiǎo shòu / Little Unicorn
Release Date: 1997
Information: The Hong Kong publisher, Citicomics, released several of Osamu Tezuka’s manga from the Complete Works collection, which included Unico. Unfortunately, because of some errors, production of the two Unico volumes was halted and only a small amount of the books are still around.


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