Unico Producer Masao Maruyama

Tezuka Fan Magazine with Unico on the cover.
Tezuka Fan Magazine
April 1983 Issue #38

Translated by Crystal “Xellis” Rider (3/21/2023)

Unico is an Eternal Character
Producer of the Unico Film
Masao Maruyama (Madhouse)
He is currently working on the setting for “Genma Taisen” (Genma Wars).

I recommended Mr. Murano as the director of Unico because I have a high regard for his way of thinking about animation and his ability to make films. That is why I thought that Moribi Murano was the only person who could make Unico.

I love Unico. The content of Unico is very deep. It is cute and enjoyable for both adults and children. Besides, after he gives love and makes people happy, he has to leave. That’s what fascinates me. Usually, if you make the person you love happy, you end up with him or her and have a happy ending, but with Unico, if you give him love, he leaves. If he makes them happy, even though he knows the West Wind will take him, he makes the people he loves happy. Even if they can’t be together. I felt a sense of motivation for Unico, dignified and heroic, and Unico is the best character I’ve ever seen. In addition to that, if he makes the other person happy and makes us, the viewers, feel happy, Unico will go away. This is where I feel the eternal nature of Unico. This is what makes Unico such a great and eternal character.

So, I would like to make another Unico, and I would love to see it when it is made, even if I am not a part of the production staff.

The reason why the release date of Unico was extended by one year is because I felt that I had to make something solid. That is because, when I was initially thinking of doing this project lightly, Mr. Murano drew up the storyboard in three days, and when I saw it, I felt I had to make a proper product. Mr. Murano’s achievement was significant in this project.

My goal in making this film was to combine the classic fantasy of Disney films with the cinematic feeling of Spielberg and Lucas. As a result, I was able to achieve the speed and sharpness that Mr. Murano possesses, and to a certain extent, it went as I had intended. We hope you will enjoy the film.

(Interview at Madhouse on February 19. Responsible/Yamada)

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