Unico Related Links

You’ll find Unico related links to informative webpages and personal and fan favorites here! Some pages may have multiple languages and in this case, you’ll see a link with the abbreviated language in brackets (example: [JP], [EN], [SP], etc).

Disclaimer: We are a personal blog/fansite, but we urge you to always seek official information and sources. We do our own research on this site and source material when we can so that you can verify the information yourself.

Official WebsitesLanguage
Osamu Tezuka Official[JP] [EN] [SC] [TC]
Osamu Tezuka Official – Unico Character Page[JP] [EN] [SC] [TC]
TezukaProductions(ENG) Twitter Account[EN]
Tezuka Productions YouTube Channel[JP] [EN]
“Unico” Special Site[JP]
(Official) Osamu Tezuka/Unico Club Twitter[JP]
UNICO: AWAKENING (ユニコ: 目覚めのおはなし) Twitter Acount[EN]
Scholastic Graphix UNICO: AWAKENING Website[EN]
Note: These are official pages and will have the most accurate information and news available.
Official StoresLanguage
Tezuka Osamu World Official Online Store[JP]
tokyo atom shop’s STORE[JP]
Note: These are official sites that sell licensed Osamu Tezuka items, which included Unico merchandise.
Informational Websites by FansLanguage
“Tezuka Osamu Manga Complete Works” Commentary General Catalog[JP]
Tezuka Osamu no Subete[JP]
Tezuka Osamu no Subete “Unico”[JP]
Tezuka in English[EN]
Tezuka in English – Unico (Manga)[EN]
Note: Run by fans, these pages are a valuable source of information on Osamu Tezuka works for other fans looking for specific details.
Wiki Pages Written and Edited by FansLanguage
Unico – Wikipedia[EN] [JP] [ES] [FA] [FR] [IT] [NL] [RU]
Unico | Osamu Tezuka Wiki | Fandom[EN]
Unico (Manga) – TV Tropes[EN]
Note: These pages have a plethora of information, but anyone can edit, delete, and write on these webpages. Always check sources!

Collectors and Fan Sites:

While the above pages featured Unico information, the pages listed below belong to collectors and other fan sites.

Unico Collector (@unicolove) — outstanding collection of Unico merchandise on Instagram that updates often!
Van’s Cels (rubberslug.com) — Van’s exceptional collection of animation cels from the Unico pilot, movies, and special can be seen here as well as several other anime series.
My Name is Unico (Tumblr) — A blog dedicated to Unico
We Love Unico! (Tumblr) — A blog dedicated to Osamu Tezuka and Sanrio’s precious baby unicorn, Unico!