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Osamu Tezuka Official: [JP] [EN]
Osamu Tezuka Official - Unico Character Page: [JP] [EN]
TezukaProductions(ENG) Twitter Account: [EN]
"Unico" Special Site: [JP]
(Official) Osamu Tezuka/Unico Club Twitter: [JP]

"Tezuka Osamu Manga Complete Works" Commentary General Catalog: [JP]

Tezuka Osamu no Subete: [JP]
Tezuka Osamu no Subete "Unico": [JP]

Tezuka in English: [EN]
Tezuka in English - Unico (Manga): [EN]

Unico - Wikipedia: [EN]

Unico | Osamu Tezuka Wiki | Fandom: [EN]

Unico (Manga) - TV Tropes: [EN]

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Collection List | Sanrio Lyrica Cover / Table of Contents | Private Library "Ryoko Takahashi Works": [JP]

Unico (1976): [JP]
(1) Morinaga Choco Stick no Omake: [JP]
(2) Zasshi Ririka no furoku no yubiwa: [JP]
(3) Yuniko no Chiyogami: [JP]
(4) Yuniko no Nuigurumi:
Morinaga Chocolate Snack (My Unico): [JP]

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Unico Collector (@unicolove) -- Awesome collection of Unico merchandise on Instagram that updates often!