Special Message from The Strawbery King

Cover of Strawberry News featuring Unico.

Strawberry News
March 15, 1981 Issue 144

Translated by Crystal “Xellis” Rider (3/24/2023)

A Message from the Strawberry King

It is finally starting to look like spring. As I write this message, the soft spring sun is shining brightly in the King’s room. The long, harsh winter has come to an end, and the warm spring has come again. Everyone, please stretch out your backs and breathe in the spring air. Don’t you feel something like a new determination in your body?

Graduation and moving on… When I think of all of you growing up one more year during this season, for some reason, it makes me feel very excited. I hope you will all find wonderful friends during this season and let your friendships grow.

Oops, I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but for today’s message, I would like to talk about the animated film “UNICO,” which will be released nationwide during this spring break.

A unicorn in Greek mythology is said to appear only to those with a pure heart. Unico was born with the uncanny ability to make everyone happy. Together with Akuma-kun and the kitten Chao, whom Unico met during his sad journey, the story of a grand adventure to pursue the great devil – this is the movie “UNICO”.

It took two years to complete the film based on Osamu Tezuka’s original story, but we believe that the beautiful colors and the cute characters of Unico and Akuma-kun will surely warm the hearts of those who see the film.

As a family, we can watch the same movie, and then discuss it together as a topic of conversation at dinner after work… Ten years have passed since I decided to make such a film. During that time, animated films such as “Little Jumbo,” “Chirin’s Bell” (Ringing Bell), “The Mouse and His Child,” and “Hoshi no Orpheus” (Winds of Change), puppet animations such as “The Nutcracker” and “Kitty and Mimmy’s New Umbrella,” which will be released together with this Unico, and films featuring animals and nature such as “Tales of a Fox” and “Africa” were released nationwide in Japan.

All of them are films that should be seen together with the whole family. Did you see any of these movies? And have you talked about them with your family members? If only there were more people like that, the King would feel thrilled.

The story of “UNICO” is written on paper so that even small children can understand it, and the whole family will want to cheer on Unico’s adventures. Moreover, “Kitty and Mimmy’s New Umbrella,” which will be released together with “UNICO,” is the first puppet animation to be made into a movie, as Kitty has been tasked with the important role of fostering compassion and friendship in the world.

Please make time for it during your spring break. And please share your impressions of the movie with your family members over dinner. Let the King’s wish be conveyed to this messenger of love, Unico….

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1981 3月15日 144号





清らかな心をもった人のところにしかあらわれないと伝ぇられているギリシャ神話の中の一角獣 、ユニコーン。その子どもとして生まれたユニコは、だれでもみな幸せにしてしまうというふしぎなカをもっています。そんなユニコが悲しい旅のとちゅうで出会ったあくまクンや子ねこのチャオといっしょになって、大悪魔を追済する大冒険ものがたりーこれが映画「ユニコ」です。






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