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DMP launched a Kickstarter on June 12, 2012, hoping to publish Osamu Tezuka’s Unico, Atom Cat, and Triton of the Sea in English for the first time. The Kickstarter was a success and was funded by July 21, 2012 with 715 backers pledging $49,411. They would publish Unico not only in English but also fully colored. The comic was available the following year in 2013.

After a few years, DMP launched another Kickstarter campaign on June 16, 2015 for Storm Fairy and to reprint Unico with updated coloring and higher grade paper. They also made the comic available for digital purchase on DMP’s eManga website. There were two editions available, a regular and hardcover version of the manga. The physical books are out of print, but the digital version is still available in several file types for those who simply want to read the comic without paying outrageous online prices for the books.

First edition Unico manga in English
Softcover of English-translated Manga

Title: Unico
Publisher: DMP (Digital Manga Publishing)
Pages: 394
Ages: All
ISBN: 1569703124
Release Date: April 23, 2013
Edition: First Edition
Price: $34.95
Information: This is the first book of Unico to ever be published in English. It featured a blue-green softcover with Unico on the front.

Second edition Unico manga in English
Hardcover of English-translated Manga

Title: Unico
Publisher: DMP (Digital Manga Publishing)
Pages: 392
Ages: All
ISBN: 1569703507
Release Date: January 1, 2015
Edition: Second Edition
Price: Hardcover $44.95; Digital $19.95
Digital Version: Available here on eManga’s Website
Information: The second edition was updated with orange hardcover and glossy full-color pages. They updated the artwork after obtaining the newly edited version of the Japanese manga at that time.

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