Merchandise Museum

Welcome to the Merchandise Museum! Over the years, companies have produced plenty of Unico items, and it’s always fun to see what they sold. The Merchandise Museum serves as a collection of images and information about products to showcase what was available over the years. We have gathered the information on these pages not only for nostalgic reasons but also to assist those who may want more info. We hope you enjoy!

Item Type
AccessoriesBags, handkerchiefs, keychains, totes, etc
Animation CelsCels used to create the Unico pilot and films
CalendarsCalendars that feature Unico illustrations.
ClothingBelts, t-shirts, sleepwear, shoes, etc
HousewaresBedroom, garden, kitchen, etc
FiguresFigures produced over the years, including from Wonder Festival, collaborations, official Tezuka brand, and more.
FoodUnico-related food items released over the years from cafes, stores, and more.
OmakeExtras from Sanrio, Tezuka Productions, and more.
PlushStuffed animals from stores, crane games, and more.
StationeryLetters, pencils, postcards, etc
SoundtracksLP, cassette, CD, etc
ToysPlay balls, bicycles, etc
Video Media8mm, Laserdisc, VHD, VHS, etc