After taking March off to get a bunch of personal stuff done, I’m back with updates to the site! Hooray! This may end up a lengthy update post, so I apologize in advance. I’ve been cleaning and revising pages, adding information, translating, and so on. I’m also trying something new and have separated regular site updates and Merchandise Museum updates. Figured several of you would like this way of doing things. I know not everyone is interested in updates to the site, so merchandise updates will now appear after the regular updates. For this post, you’ll find the merchandise additions after the rainbow crazy Unico binder!


Free Comic Book Day Unico: Awakening by Samuel Sattin Gurihiru Osamu Tezuka

This Saturday May 4, 2024 is Free Comic Book Day, which means a sneak peek of UNICO: AWAKENING will be available at participating comic shops. If you live near Mission: Comics and Art in San Fransisco, Samuel Sattin will be at their shop to sign copies on FCBD! Go say hi and buy some comics too!

If you’re headed out for FCBD, hope you’re able to find this little sneak peek and more!

Site Updates!

  • Recently discovered more dates that The Fantastic Adventures of Unico and Unico in the Island of Magic aired on the Disney Channel, thanks to everyone involved with the Disney Channel Broadcast Archives. Until recently, I’ve only been able to find air times thanks to old Disney Channel Magazine issues, but this website and its dedicated users have added years worth of archives. I’ve double-checked the dates and everything matches what I have. You can find this information in the English Video Releases section.
  • Added a little more character information for Kukurukku (Kuruku) from Unico in the Island of Magic. The information added is in the “Personality” section, where I mention information about Kukurukku based on the early test draft (Unico and the Kingdom of the Sun) for the film. I felt it’s an interesting version of the character where he didn’t begin as a thrown away toy, but a prince who let magic corrupt him. Honestly, I feel bad that the film doesn’t give more attention to the character as the antagonist.
    – Added more information to Cherry’s profile. The information added also is from the test draft about her appearance and personality.

  • Updated the main page of the site. I wanted to test out a better way of showcasing the most recent news, editorials, and site updates. The goal is to help those visiting the site navigate to the latest information without having to scroll so far down or go to other pages. Of course, if you’re looking for something specific somewhere on the site, please use the search bar options. That’ll pull up anything with that word or phrase.
  • Rearranged the Articles and Interview section. Previously, I had everything in chronological order, but as I got more of the same magazine, I felt it was better to create sections for each magazine and make it in alphabetical and chronological order. While I wait for books to arrive from Japan, I’ve also added a few placeholders.
    – Finally added the Yoshihide Nakano blurb from the 1983 Tezuka Fan Magazine. Out of all the things I’ve attempted translating, this was the hardest, but I was determined to get it on the site. I’ll admit, it’s still a mess translation-wise, but overall, I think most readers will get the idea of what was being said. The Japanese text is available on the page as well if you are fluent and want to read it yourself (and laugh at my mistakes haha!).
    – Added the OUT magazine translations to the Articles and Interview page. This is the first magazine article I found that refers to the young sphinx character Marusu from Unico in the Island of Magic as the Sphinx’s son. Most Japanese magazines refer to Marusu as the “sphinx child.”
Marusu/Piro from Unico
  • Updated the Lyrics section a bit. Wanted things to look more presentable and easier to find, so I added tables and images.
    – Also added English translations for Unico’s Theme and Witch Cat Chao. Apparently, I forgot to add those when creating the pages! Oops!
    – I added the Czech Lyrics page, although the lyrics I have are not complete. There was only a small sound sample available, so I tried by best to transcribe the audio with what was available.
  • Updated the Shougaku Ichinensei version of Unico’s manga page to include information on the meeting held with editors and Osamu Tezuka from the magazine. You’ll find the additional information in the first paragraph, which gives us insight as to why the First Grader version of Unico is the way it is. Also added the Spotlight: The Missing Unico Comic post in the “More Reading” section toward the bottom.

  • Created tables for several pages of the Merchandise Museum and around the site. My aim was to have it a bit more organized instead of just a list of pages. Now you’ll see the merchandise link and a better description of what’s on that page. Also, renamed and moved a few items into other sections, which made more sense (i.e. moved Handkerchiefs to Accessories instead of Clothing).
My Unico Clip Binder
It’s so rainbow-tastic!

Merchandise Museum additions!

I know many of you enjoy this section, so hopefully you’ll enjoy the additions. While I do not own some of these products, I wanted to make sure people were aware of their existence and give some more information on them. Another thing I’ve done is add prices to items if available. This is information I thought would be interesting to know. It may also hurt you to the core as a collector to see those original prices. Enjoy!

  • Added the 1983 My Unico Save-Your-Stickers Album and 1984 My Unico Clip Binder to the Diaries, Journals, Notebooks section of the Stationery collection.
  • Added the Keychain section! Only one item is on the page now, but I’ll be adding more in May.
  • Added a cute 1983/1984 My Unico Cosmetic/Traveling bag in the Unico Bags section. This was a gift from my amazing friend, unicolove! It’s super cute!
  • Added the 1983/1984 My Unico Eraser Set in the Unico Pencils, Pens, Stamps section.
  • Added the Garden Item section and included the 2000 Unico Hanging Cover/Planter. There’s another Unico planter out there, but I only have found one photo of it.
  • Added more accessories to the Phone section. The Unico Mascot Strap/Keychain, Tezuka Moderno Wood Bead Phone Strap, and Tezuka Moderno Portable Cleaner were the additions.
  • Added the Badges section in Accessories. The Tezuka Osamu Character Pins Collection Unico pin is up. I’m not sure about the original release date, but know I received mine in 2006 when my friend came to visit from Japan.
  • Added the 1981 Sanrio Unico Piggy Bank to the Household section. And no, he’s not haunted.

Sharing some love!

My friend Jackie shared with me a glorious article on Aftermath by Chris Person which features Sanrio’s older films and I absolutely needed to share with others as this is the most comprehensive and informative thing I’ve seen about these series of films. A lot of research went into this post, and I certainly appreciate all the hard work. Yes, this is Unico-related as the 1979 short and 80s films are included in the massive list of Sanrio movies.

Please check out the article here: Sanrio Film’s Extravagant Quest To Be The Next Disney – Aftermath

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