Available from U-TREASURE, several of Tezuka’s characters are on gorgeous rings for you and your partner. These rings are customizable, with over 30 types of ring designs, 12 types of stones, and 100 marks (character engravings) to choose from. There are 9 different Unico designs, perfect for keeping the little unicorn close to you.

If you are outside of Japan and would like to purchase U-TREASURE products, they offer international shipping through WorldShopping.

Click here to view/purchase from the main U-TREASURE x Osamu Tezuka page.

According to the Mushi-n-bo post, the pricing for the rings varies, but the engagement ring is 159,500 Yen (stone fee not included) and the wedding ring is 137,500 Yen. Check out the examples below!

Image Source: U-TREASURE
Copyright: U-TREASURE/Tezuka Productions
Image Source: U-Treasure
Copyright: U-TREASURE/Tezuka Productions

【新商品】日常に溶け込むシンプルなデザインに、キャラクターのマークをあしらったブライダルリングが登場|虫ん坊|手塚治虫 TEZUKA OSAMU OFFICIAL
手塚治虫作品のマークが入るシンプルな婚約指輪・結婚指輪 | U-TREASURE | ユートレジャー


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