Unico Related Household Items

Sanrio My Unico One Touch Button Pachitto

My Unico Safety Pins 1981

They released these “one touch button pachitto” around the time Unico was in theaters back in 1981. There were three different package colors and several designs on each safety pin. We have the blue and pink package, but there was a yellow one available too.

Pachitto (or pachit as it’s sometimes spelled on products in Japan) are safety pins with a hidden needle that can be used for practical uses or decoration, like on a scarf or other item.

Sanrio’s My Unico Collection

This My Unico folding comb was available in 1984 and featured Unico on the handle/case. It’s quite small, but super cute. We know that a pink and purple version was available during the time.

You may see the purple version on unicolove’s Instagram!

This fun little toothbrush from 1984 comes with its own holder/case. The toothbrush says “My Unico” on the handle, while Unico appears on the door of the case. On the back, there is a piece of mounting tape and a hole to allow you to hang the toothbrush on the wall however you’d like.

While we are not for certain the other colors available, this set is pink. Purple seems to be the other color used for these items, so we assume there might have been a toothbrush of that color available as well. If we can confirm, we will update this page.

Tezuka Moderno Washcloths

Tezuka Moderno items continue to be released and feature several Tezuka characters. This washcloth has Unico and Chao hanging out with others in the fun outdoors.

This is a collaboration with the company, Tinkerbell, and Tezuka Moderno. Tinkerbell focuses on clothing and items for children.

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