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In this section, you’ll find a collection of Unico bags, purses, totes, and more! Plenty of cute bags over the years, and it’s fun to see how the designs have changed. While Sanrio geared many of the items made during the 80s towards children, the more recent items by Tezuka Productions and their collaborations seem for all ages. Please stop by often as we will continue to update the page.

Sanrio “My Unico” Bags

This yellow handbag features Unico with a group of flowers. They released it in 1981 during the theatrical release of Unico. We are unsure if other colors were available in this type of bag, but wouldn’t be surprised if there were. Several of the Sanrio items often had two designs or colors, but not always.

Priced at 2000 yen in 1981.

A pink shoulder bag was also available featuring Unico looking at a bug with flowers surrounding him.

Priced at 1600 yen in 1981.

Another shoulder bag available was blue and featured Unico looking at a butterfly with the text “UNICO” behind him. Unlike the one above which features a more rectangular design, this bag is a bit more compact and square-ish.

Priced at 1600 yen in 1981.

The next bag is a mini Boston. This design features Unico and Chao together with the Unico logo. It has the typical oblong shape with tapered bottom and two handles at the top you see in this style of bag. While we only have images of the yellow design, we believe there was at least one other color and design available.

Priced at 1600 yen in 1981.

This Boston bag is larger than the one above, but also features an oblong shape and handles. It has both Chao and Unico on the side with the text, “My Name is Unico.”

Priced at 2000 yen in 1981.

This vinyl Boston bag was available around 1981 and the front features Unico surrounded by butterflies and the text “My Unico” below him. It’s an adult size bag (around 12 inches in length) and includes a zipper closure on the top. We’re unsure if they released this bag around the same time as the previous bag.

My Unico Tote Bag

This “My Unico” Mini Tote was released in 1981 during the first theatrical film’s release and features Unico, Chao, and Akuma-kun on both sides over red and white stripes. They made the exterior out of canvas, while the inside has a protective vinyl. Definitely a cute bag made for a young child.

My Unico Purse/Bag

This “My Unico” bag is from 1983, and features Unico in his regular and adult form. The bag has a single button on the top to help keep it closed, and they printed the images on clear PVC material.

As this is a 1983 product, Unico’s horn is white and images sometimes have other movie characters. There are zipper pouches from this same collection that also feature Unico’s adult form and the dragon toy (aka Roller Dragon) with a similar purple background.

This cute cosmetic/traveling bag has three pockets on the inside and was released in 1983 or 1984. The smaller pockets were equipped with a comb and mirror, both adorned with the Sanrio logo. It might have come with a handkerchief as well, which according to unicolove’s post, it looks like the pink one we have in our Handkerchief section. The front of the bag features Unico with the “My Unico” logo, while the back has the transformed adult version of Unico. There is a purple heart button loop closure to help keep the little bag closed.

Image Source: Online Auction/Edited by Xellis

Another small “My Unico” item available around the early to mid-80s was this purse featuring Unico on the top flap with stars all around. You can easily hold onto or place the strap, which is made of corded material, over your shoulder.

My Unico Zipper Pouch

This zipper pouch is part of a set of “My Unico” bags released after the second film, Unico in the Island of Magic, was in theaters. There are four known designs put out in 1983 and 1984, and this one in particular says it was released in 1984. Unico is featured on the front and back, surrounded by multicolored circles or bubbles.
Note: Several 1984 products of Unico feature the rainbow motif. This is where you’ll find that Unico has a multicolored horn, unlike the 1983 merchandise.

This sold for around 95 cents USD / 150 Yen.

You can check out the other designs on unicolove’s Instagram! You’ll be able to see the difference between the 1983 and 1984 designs.

Unico Small World Bag

Produced by Small World, they sold this bag at the Osamu Tezuka World in Kyoto, but they may have sold in other stores. This bag is bright pink with Unico all around it, and features a small blurb about Unico’s power. While it doesn’t specify the purpose of the bag, it’s a great accessory and can hold writing utensils, make up, small items, etc.

We really enjoy this design and how colorful it is.

Unico 40th Celebration Bags

Unico Cosmetic Bags.
Unico Cosmetic Bags

During Unico’s 40th Celebration in 2016, they made a large amount of products in various styles. As you can tell by these notebooks, they had a blue, pink, and purple set. There were several other items available, including towels, mugs, shirts, letter sets, pens, and more. Different styles of bags were available with this set, so certainly check them out! We didn’t put this collection in any order, but will provide some information.

They made two styles of cosmetic bags featuring the pink and purple designs. Perfect for putting your make up items in.

Unico Pencil Cases
Unico Pencil Cases

These pencil cases can fit your writing utensils and other items. Like the other bags you’ll see, they made two designs available.

And if you didn’t want to put pens or pencils in these, what else would you put? Candy? Money? Hmm!

Unico Kinchaku
Unico Kinchaku

Next up is a pair of kinchaku (traditional Japanese drawstring bags) with Unico on them. They chose the blue and purple designs for these, and they look adorable.

Great for keeping belongings and maybe a lucky charm in.

Unico Round Pochette Bags
Unico Round Pochette Bags

These round pochette bags are pretty cute and feature a zipper closure and removable strap. Once again, comes in two designs featuring Unico on the front.

They are fairly small, so perfect for putting smaller items like candy, money, medicine, and other accessories to take with you anywhere.

Unico Face Pouches
Unico Face Pouches

Next up are these Unico Face Pouches. Like the pochette bags, these are small but great for tiny items like candy, money, accessories, or whatever will fit in them. They chose Unico’s confused/dazed and smiling expressions for these two.

These share facial expressions with the plush toys they also released during this period.

Can Do x Tezuka Osamu Collaboration

If you’re in Japan, the store CAN DO and Tezuka Productions often collaborate, so you’ll often spot a few Unico items. This PVC case was gifted to us by unicolove and is a decent sized zipper pouch! Two designs featuring Unico were available, this one with him on his back, and the other with him sitting. This collection had several items, including pens, folders, masking tape, keychains, and more. This item was from 2019 or so.

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