Unico Badges

Unico in the Island of Magic Badge

Image source: Yahoo! Japan Auctions

Similar to the first movie, they gave out omake (extras/bonus items) to help promote the second film in 1983, and we assume this badge featuring Unico is no different.

The badge has Unico making his “confused” expression with his name above his head. Not sure if other styles were available or if this was the only kind.

Tezuka Osamu Characters Pins Collection

Tezuka Osamu Characters Pins Collection Unico

This pin was available at the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum and other stores that sold Tezuka character merchandise. They’ve released several other characters from series like Astro Boy, Black Jack, Phoenix, and more. While I’m not sure when this pin was first released, I’m guessing early to mid 2000s (maybe earlier?). It was manufactured by WynClass.

They priced the pin at 399 Yen.

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