Unico Related Phone Accessories

Unico Mascot Strap and Keychain

Unico Mascot Strap/Keychain

Toshin Pack manufactured this strap, which you can attach to a phone, use as a keychain, or anything else you’d like. A smiling Unico is attached to a pink strap. Released in the early to mid 2000s, this strap is quite adorable. There were other Tezuka characters available, including Astro Boy, Black Jack, and a few more.

They priced these around 350 Yen.

Tezuka Moderno Wood Bead Unico Phone Strap

Tezuka Moderno Wood Bead Unico Phone Strap

Released around 2006, this phone strap has three wooden beads with Unico attached to the bottom. This strap has Unico’s infamous “confused” face and pose. Other straps were available for this line, including two Astro Boys, Uran, Pinoko, and Leo.

They priced these at 600 Yen.

Tezuka Moderno Portable Cleaner

Tezuka Moderno Portable Cleaner

This is a fun accessory to have for any device, and it could easily be attached to a phone. As part of the early Tezuka Moderno line, you can see the infamous Unico expression. While the front has a rubber texture, behind Unico is a soft material that can wipe away smudges from a phone screen.

The price for this item was around 504 Yen.

Ponta 7-Henge Tezuka Characters Chain Collection

Unico x Ponta Chain Collection
Unico x Ponta Chain Characters Front and Back
Image: Front and back of chain character / Source: AmiAmi

At the 78th Tokyo International Gift Show in 2014, they announced Ponta and Tezuka Productions would collaborate and release several products featuring Ponta’s mascot and Tezuka characters. Ponta is a point earning service that allows you to accumulate points and use at stores and other services (Lawson, KFC, AU, etc) nationwide. Products featured Ponta-kun, their mascot, transformed into Tezuka characters. This set of chain accessories can attach to your phone or other items using a lobster-clasp or earphone jack. They included seven characters in this collaboration, including Astro Boy, Phoenix, Black Jack, Princess Knight, Leo, Hyoutantsugi, and Unico.

These were around 715 yen each when released in October 2015.