Character Profile | Kukurukku

Kukurukku from Unico in the Island of Magic.


Name: Kukurukku
Other Names: Kuruku, Kukuruku
Gender: Male
Species: Toy (puppet/marrionette)
First Appeared: Kukurukku appears in the second theatrical film Unico in the Island of Magic released July 16, 1983.

Kukurukku (ククルック Kukurukku) is a character created for the second film. He does not appear in the manga.

Voice Actors

Japanese Voice: Fujio Tokita (1983)
English Voice: Jan Rabson (this information is from the Unico in the Island of Magic IMBd website as the English cast is uncredited)
Italian Voice: Giorgio Perno
Korean Voice: Moonja Choi (최문자)
Spanish Voice: Anselmo Herrero

Physical Appearance

Kukurukku wears a red robe and magician’s hat. His face is long with a pointed chin, large round eyes, and red/orange hair. As he can change his shape, his body often looks round like a ball. He floats around either with or without a bubble around him, but can travel around as a colorful glowing orb of light that can also change shape. Before he came to life, he was a simple wooden puppet.


Kukurukku despises humans for mistreating him, and is determined to turn all creatures into living puppets. Deep down he’s lonesome, but his odd personality makes it hard to truly understand him.
– In the Unico and the Kingdom of the Sun draft written by Osamu Tezuka, Kukurukku is not a toy, but possibly a human prince who found an interest in magic and enjoyed playing tricks on others in the kingdom. His mother, Queen Urania, explains that his heart became sad and cold and he ran away to become the greatest wizard.


  • Can use magic to turn objects into anything he wants.
  • Can change his shape
  • Flight

Timeline of Appearances

DateMore Information
1983Kukurukku appears as the antagonist in the second theatrical film Unico in the Island of Magic, released on July 17, 1983. He first appears when his apprentice, Tolby, is turning forest animals into living dolls. This is where we learn Kukurukku’s plan to turn all creatures into living puppets and bring them to his island. Cherry and Unico ask Kukurukku to return everyone back to normal, but he refuses. Unico must defeat the magician in order to save everyone.