Unico Diaries, Journals, Notebooks, and More

This section features all kinds of books you can write in. Diaries, journals, notebooks, planners, and more. They still release Unico related notebook stationery, so definitely visit often to see updates!

“My Unico” Notebook and Notepad

Sanrio sold these “My Unico” notebook and notepad in 1981 after they released the theatrical film in theaters. Both feature Unico and his friends Akuma-kun and Chao on the cover. The interior has lined white paper with Unico on the pages.

Great for writing up whatever you wish!

“My Unico” Memo Pads

Sanrio released these “My Unico” memo pads in 1983. When you open the cover, you’ll see one sticker sheet, then a bunch of perforated memo sheets with Unico on each piece (three to a page). Super cute!

My Unico Memo Pads
My Unico Memo Pad sticker and sheet.

“My Unico” Save-Your-Stickers Album

Image: Front and back cover / Image from eBay

This 1983 sticker album had 15 pages for you to place your collection of stickers on. The pages had categories including “Animal stickers,” “Cars, trains, planes, swings, etc.,” “Gift,” “Stickers to keep forever,” “Sweets,” “Fruit Stickers,” “Fragrant Stickers,” “Hero stickers,” “Stickers for memories,” “Stickers I like best,” “Stickers to trade with friends,” “Very special stickers,” and “Crazy stickers.” Each page featured Unico, Chao, or Akuma-kun and a small blurb.

Was priced around $1.85 USD / 300 Yen.

Image: Interior / Image from eBay

“My Unico” Diary/Journal

This diary/journal was available from Sanrio in 1984 after the second theatrical film, Unico in the Island of Magic, was released in theaters. Like many products during that time, the rainbow motif is present, and Unico has a multicolored horn. The hardcover book features a blue gradient with multicolored bubbles surrounding Unico. He is present on the front and back covers. The lock comes with two keys.

The interior of the book is also in color. While the paper is white, the lines are blue and you’ll see Unico in his adult form on the top left, and his regular flying form on the bottom right.

“My Unico” Clip Binder

My Unico Clip Binder
Image: Front and Back cover / Image from eBay

This 1984 clip binder opens up to reveal a small pocket on the left side and a built in clipboard with My Unico tablet paper on the back. The cover and back feature Unico in various poses used in a lot of products during that time. The rainbow motif covers the entire front and back cover. Measures 9.5 inches by 8.5 inches.

Was priced around $3.75 USD / 550 Yen.

“My Unico” Address Book

My Unico Address Book
Image from Mandrake

This adorable address book is from 1983 to 1984 and featured Unico on the front and back covers. Similar to other designs around this time, Unico’s adult form and the Roller Dragon are also included on the product. This little book is about 100 mm (almost 4 inches) long. Cute and small, and great for adding your friend’s addresses.

Was priced around $1.50 USD / 200 Yen.

Tezuka Moderno Unico Notebook

This notebook was available at the Osamu Tezuka World Stores in 2006 when the Tezuka Moderno merchandise became available. This is an A5 sized notebook, and features a green cover with orange flowers, and Unico on the lower right. The interior has yellow pages with white dotted lines.

Play Set Products designed Osamu Tezuka’s characters into a style similar to their “Modern Pet” product line, and called it Tezuka Moderno. There is an interview with designer Shiro Nakano on an April 2006 issue of Mushi-n-bo (in Japanese) about the products.

Unico 40th Celebration Notebooks

During Unico’s 40th Celebration in 2016, they made a large amount of products in various styles. As you can tell by these notebooks, they had a blue, pink, and purple set. There were several other items available, including towels, mugs, shirts, letter sets, pens, and more. These were A5 size (5.8 x 8.3 inches), so quite a cute size.

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