Wow! It’s August already? How about that! July zipped by us, didn’t it? Hopefully, you are enjoying the summer! Drink plenty of water and don’t overdo it!

Well, it’s the first of the month and that means a post about the additions to the site. Now that it’s August, we’ll continue to work on the informative videos we’ll be adding to YouTube, as well as other things for the site. Sorry we’re so slow. For now though, please check out the website additions down below.

Here are the updates!

Unico watch by Citizen VEGA
  • Updated the Unico: AWAKENING page to provide more up-to-date information. Since the release date has changed, we wanted to be sure to include that on our pages. They are now aiming for late fall for backer fulfilment. If anything changes, we will keep you informed! Be sure to check the Kickstarter page under the “Update” section for the latest news and sneak peeks!

  • Added a Small World bag to Unico Bags. It’s the bright pink one after the “My Unico” bags.

  • Added the mint scented “My Unico” Scratch’n Sniff stickers to the Stickers page. It’ll be with the raspberry one, of course.

  • We added another music album to the Soundtrack section. Yukihide Takekawa’s “Home Recording Demo Archive Series Vol. 9” is a wonderful album with unreleased demo tracks used for various series. Three songs included are demo versions of familiar tunes from the pilot episode Unico Black Cloud and White Feather. We’ve provided links to the album on various platforms for your listening pleasure. If you’re familiar with the songs in the pilot episode, you’ll recognize them right away, even though they’re in English.

  • On that note, we’ve added the lyrics to these three songs! You’ll find them here in the Lyrics section of the site. Since the songs are in English, we put them in the English section of lyrics for now.
  • Working on adding more pages to the Figure section. They released a lot of figures in the past few years, so we want to include them all. Several figures were only released during Wonder Festivals, but we’ve separated everything by artist/company/etc. In the future, we may restructure the pages, but for now we hope everything is informative.

Thanks for checking out the updates! If there is anything you’d like us to research or look into, please contact us! We hope you enjoy visiting. To stay up to date on any news or updates, please check back often or follow our Facebook page! We do monthly updates on the first of each month, so definitely stop by!

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