Character Profile | Tsubasa

Tsubasa from Unico


Name: Tsubasa
Other Names: n/a
Gender: Male
Species: Plant
First Appeared: Tsubasa appeared in the Saving our Fragile Earth: Unico Special Chapter on July 20, 2000 at the Osamu Tezuka World Theater in Kyoto.

Tsubasa (翼 Tsubasa) is a character created for the special chapter animation. He does not appear in the manga.

Voice Actors

Japanese Voice: Yasuhiro Takato

Physical Appearance

Tsubasa is a tree boy, so his body has branch-like appendages. His “hair” is green leaves sticking out from the front/top of his head. He wears a gray scrap of cloth with a red gem on the front. He also has brown eyes.


Tsubasa is a kind-hearted boy and will do anything to help save the planet.


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Timeline of Appearances

DateMore Information
2000Tsubasa appeared in the Saving our Fragile Earth: Unico Special Chapter animation on July 20, 2000. While West Wind is carrying Unico to the next location, an orb falls from the sky and collides with Unico in the air. Both Unico and the orb fall into the ocean, and a tree boy appears and saves Unico. When the two finally speak to one another, Unico tells Tsubasa that he looks like a tree. This is when Tsubasa realizes he was not born as a human. The two learn that there are no longer human children in the world because humans used all the earth’s resources. The earth is uninhabitable. Both Tsubasa and Unico decide to save the earth and make it habitable again.