Home Recording Demo Archive Series Vol. 9 Yukihide Takekawa

Title: Home Recording Demo Archive Series Vol. 9 Yukihide Takekawa
Label: G-matics (GMT-035)
Released: August 28, 2013
Format: Compact Disc (CD)

This album is a collection of home recorded demo songs created by Yukihide Takekawa (Godiego). There are 23 tracks included, recorded from October 1978 to March 1979. We’ve added this album in the music section because it includes three English songs that were recorded for the Unico pilot episode. They changed the songs for the animation, but if you’ve watched the episode, you’ll recognize the music right away.

The entire album is in English and is available on several platforms. We’ve provided a few links so you can check out the music:

Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more.

We’ve also added links to the lyrics of the Unico related songs below.

Track List:
Sing About Love
Beautiful Name (Take-1)
Beautiful Name (Take-2)
Oh Child
Beautiful Name (Another Version)
Unico ThemeThe original English theme song, later switched to Japanese and titled “Doko kara kita no Yuniko” (Where did you come from, Unico). This plays in the beginning.
DownAnother original English song made for the Unico pilot, but later switched to Japanese and titled “Don Don.” This song would play as Unico destroys the factory.
FlyingThey would later change this song to “Oozora no Yuniko” (Unico in the Sky), which plays when Unico changes into his adult form and takes Chiko away from the pollution.
Through the Looking Glass (Early Version)
I’m Lost (Early Version)
Fly, My Boy, Fly (Early Version)
My Children
Easy Rider
Progress & Harmony
Where’ll We Go from Now (Early Version)
Shock, Shock, Shock!
The Dragon’s Come Alive
The Sun Is Setting on the West (Early Version)
The Sun Is Setting on THE West
Where’ll We Go From Now
The Promise at Dawn
And for Ourselves

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