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Sanrio Valentine Sticker/Seals

Sanrio Valentine Sticker Sheet with Unico
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In 1976 and 1977, they made a few sticker sheets that featured Unico. This sheet had several other Sanrio characters popular at the time, but also included Unico. The design for our favorite unicorn looks different from what we know today, and this may be due to how Sanrio was first marketing the character. As you can see, this is a Valentine’s Day related sheet that was most likely given out at Sanrio gift shops.

Valentine Unico Sticker/Seal
Close up of Unico sticker

My Unico Mascot Stickers

My Unico Mascot Stickers

When the Unico film was in Japanese theaters in 1981, they released several kinds of stickers featuring Unico, Chao, and Akuma-kun under the “My Unico” collection by Sanrio and Tezuka Productions. There are two sheets included with this one, one giant image featuring the three characters, and another sheet with different styles of Unico, Chao, stars, and the My Unico logo.

These were most likely sold in Sanrio and other stationery stores.

My Unico Artbloom Sticker Sheet

My Unico Artbloom Stickers

They sold this sticker sheet during the first film’s 1981 release in theaters. The sheet has Unico in various poses on a yellow background.

Since the lineart is black, the detail is clearer on these stickers.

My Unico Scratch’n Sniff Stickers

My Unico Scratch'n Sniff Stickers

A set of scratch and sniff stickers were around in 1983 and so on when the second film was in theaters. There were two scents available, mint and raspberry. Both sticker sheets include several images of Unico. We love that the toy dragon (aka Roller Dragon) is included for the raspberry scented set.

The mint scented sticker set includes several images of Unico with various expressions.

And no, the ones we have no longer smell. Yes, we are saddened by this, but they are quite old.

Unico 40th Celebration Stickers

Unico Character Stickers

During Unico’s 40th Celebration in 2016, they made a large amount of products in various styles. As you can tell by these stickers, they had a blue, pink, and purple set. There were several other items available, including towels, mugs, shirts, letter sets, pens, and more. While the focus was on Unico, you can see that Chao makes an appearance on the purple set.

Tezuka Osamu World Transfer Stickers

Tezuka Osamu World Transfer Stickers

Often sold in stores like Can Do in Japan, these are technically not stickers, but actually transfers for fabric. This one not only has Unico but also includes Pinoko and Leo.

How To Use *Please be sure to do this on an ironing board.
1. Cut out the pattern you wish to apply from the sheet.
2. Place the cut-out sheet adhesive side down on the fabric to be transferred to the desired position.
3. Keep the temperature of the iron at a dry high temperature of (180°C to 200°C), apply weight to the cloth for about 10 seconds, then press the sheet so that it does not shift.
4. Remove the sheet from the surface slowly before it cools down.

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