Chao from Unico holding a four-leaf clover

It’s that time again! We lacked several Unico updates for August, so we tried our best to pump out more for September. Several product images and information added in various categories, edits around the site, and more. While we’ve written up a script for our next video, we have not started filming or recording anything just yet. Hopefully, we’ll be able to soon as we’re excited to share and talk about the First Grader version of Unico.

A few months back, we also mentioned translating more interviews and articles, and we’ve been working on the roundtable discussion that appears at the back of the Special Edition Lyrica – Unico Special Issue involving Osamu Tezuka, Leiji Matsumoto, and Moto Hagio. It’s a long discussion, and we want to make sure we capture what is being said as close as possible, so it’s taking us longer to edit everything. We’re hoping to be completed translating and editing by the end of October. While it features nothing about Unico, we thought the information in the discussion was still valuable to share with others.

We took a break from the Character Profile pages for a while, but will try to get back to adding those soon.


Unico from Unico: Awakening
  • Updated information regarding Unico: Awakening news with Scholastic. Added links to other news articles and more to stay up to date and also help those looking for more info from official sources. It’s no surprise, but we see many people visiting this site looking specifically for Unico: Awakening content and news, so we hope we’re able to help!

  • Speaking of Unico: Awakening, we also added the series to the list on the Publications page (after the Children’s Books section). We wanted to create a placeholder for the Kickstarter and Scholastic versions of the comic. A page for the Scholastic version is up, but we’ve only provided a small amount of information until we learn more. You’ll find the ISBNs for the hardcover, paperback, and e-book versions for volume one on the page. It appears that sites like Barnes & Noble and Walmart have preorders up already for the first volume.
Unico Boston Bag

  • Added more bags to the Unico Bags section. They are the mini (yellow) and regular sized (blue) Boston bags. A Can Do PVC Case was added near the bottom. Adding more soon!

  • Added Unico related Shoes to the Unico Clothing section. Sandals, slippers, and regular shoes are all together.

Unico Clear Cups
  • The Drinkware section is up. This page has information about cups, glasses, mugs, and more.

  • Sanrio Valentine Sticker/Seal sheet added to the Stickers section. We’ve only seen these stickers online, but hopefully we’ll get better images when they do pop up.

  • Wrote up the synopsis for the first and second Unico gift books released in 1977 to 1978 by Sanrio. Only the third book’s synopsis was previously on the page, so we were determined to finish. In the future, we’ll create a post about these books as they’re quite cute and unique.

  • Embedded the video we made about Unico in Lyrica Magazine on the Unico Manga (1976 – 1979) page. We figured it’d be a nice spot for it as it includes the same information as what’s written.

  • Minor edits around the site. (Missing links, grammar, changed website header, translations, etc)

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