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Today, Forbes published an article with exciting news regarding the Unico: Awakening comic. Scholastic, one of the biggest publishers of children’s books, has added Unico: Awakening to their Graphix list. The list features comics and graphic novels like The Baby-sitters Club, Bone, Dogman, and many more. The article states, “The deal for the property includes multi-book world and language rights for four volumes of the story plus a handbook and an activity book. The first volume will release on August 6, 2024.”

Four volumes, everyone. This is amazing news!

Girl reading Unico: Awakening
Image: Sally picking up her copy of Unico: Awakening at a future Scholastic Book Fair.

We love Unico will be available to a new generation across the globe. With Scholastic’s partnership, more children are going to get to know Unico and his story. This is something we believe Osamu Tezuka would have been extremely happy to see. We’re so thankful that Samuel Sattin, Gurihiru, and everyone involved with this project have worked so hard to bring Unico back.

While we are only relaying news from other sources, we urge you to check out the links below for more in-depth information. As always, we’ll continue to update the site as we learn more!

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What about the Kickstarter version of the comic?

Here’s Samuel Sattin’s response to this very question from the latest Kickstarter Update to its Backers:

“Now, I’m sure you’re all wondering what this means for your UNICO: AWAKENING manga. And the answer is: very little! You’ll still be receiving your Kickstarter edition of the book before Scholastic releases theirs next summer. This limited Kickstarter edition will include exclusive material that will not be published in the Scholastic edition, including all of the art prints from the campaign and a few other special surprises.

In short, the manga each of our Backers receives will be the only ones of their kind.”


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