Unico Drinkware

This section features several kinds of Unico drinkware released over the years. Cups, glassware, mugs, water bottles, and more. Check out the unique items!

Unico Mini Water Bottle by Sanrio

My Unico Mini Water Bottle by Sanrio

Released around 1981, this mini water bottle features a cute zip up case featuring Unico on both sides. Can hold 650 ml of fluid and you can use the cap as a small cup. There is a strap attached to the case to make it easier to hold and carry, as well as a cute strawberry tag to write your name on.

“My Unico” Clear Cups by Sanrio

My Unico Clear Cups in Pink
My Unico Clear Cups in Purple

They released these adorable cups in 1984 when the second film, Unico in the Island of Magic, was in theaters. Similar to the other items sold during that time, there is a pink and purple version. The cardboard package featured a purple design with Unico and “My Unico” logo on it. The cups themselves came with a lid and straw and several images of Unico.

These sold for around 100 yen (1.75 USD) in 1984.

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