Unico Shoes

Sandals, shoes, and more! Like a lot of other things, plenty of Unico related footwear has been released, and we’re here to showcase them! While the 80s shoes were made for children, there have since been adult sized for those who still love their Unico. Have a look at all the different styles from over the years!

Unico Shoes from the 80s

These slippers were made by the company Marutomi Shokai (丸富商会) and were available in 1981 when the first theatrical film was in theaters. Both feature Chao and Unico surrounded by stars with the “My Unico” logo. They sold for around 680 yen in 1981.

These sandals with back straps by Maruchu Sangyo (マルチウ産業) include Chao and Unico on the designs. The first two (far left) have clear tops while the others do not. Like the slippers up above, these were available in 1981 during the first film’s theatrical release. Maruchu Sangyo was a company that manufactured sandals and shoes in Japan. These sold for around 1100 yen a pair in 1981.

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