Gift Books

Text to Speech

Publisher: Sanrio
Published: November 5, 1977, April 4, 1978, and October 15, 1978
Demographic: Shoujo

Starting December 1967, Sanrio began publishing their gift book series. These small books were made to give as gifts for multiple occasions including birthdays, marriages, wedding anniversaries, illness/get well, friendships, and showing gratitude. During Unico’s run in Lyrica, three gift books were put out with short stories not found in the published manga. The books were written in picture book style with the illustrations on one page and text on the other. Themes were similar to the regular manga as well.

Book 1:
Title: ユニコ
Translation: Yuniko / Unico
Published: November 5, 1977
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Book 2:
Title: リイゼへの愛の巻
Translation: Riize e no Ai no Maki / Love for Liese Volume
Published: April 10, 1978
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Book 3:
Title: ほんとうは悪魔なんだけどの巻
Translation: Hontou wa Akuma Nandakedo no Maki / I’m a Devil, Actually Volume
Published: October 15, 1978
After being dropped off in a secluded location, the young devil, Sataa, finds Unico. Sataa welcomes Unico into his home as he believes Unico is also a devil, and feeds him well until Unico corrects the mistake by saying he's actually a unicorn. Sataa kicks Unico out, but Unico stays nearby because he wants to be friends.
The next day, Sataa is watching a young girl named Arle from a tree. He has hearts in his eyes and Unico confronts Sataa, asking if she's his girlfriend. Sataa is not amused and attacks Unico, then used his magic to terrorize the small town. Unico confronts Sataa again, this time about the terrible things he has done, but Sataa is apathetic.
That night, Sataa believes Arle has appeared before him, but it was Unico's magic creating an illusion. This upsets Sataa and he kicks Unico out once more, saying that he hates humans.
While waiting in the tree, Sataa notices Arle has not come out at all. He investigates and finds she has become severely ill. When Unico tells Sataa that Arle is dying, Sataa is hurt and runs off to destroy the town. Sataa attempts to use his powers, but nothing happens. He is hurt and frustrated, but when there is a sad cry coming from Arle's home, Sataa reacts. He forgets that he is a demon and uses all his powers to save her. Arle is cured and everyone believes it was a miracle.
Unfortunately, Sataa cannot return to the devil world after helping Arle and begs to not become human. A beam of light comes down and we find on the next page that Sataa is now human. He can to talk to Arle and in the end, Sataa is happily sitting with her as the sun sets. He lets Arle know that he's actually a demon, and she laughs as if he's joking.

* Translation notes:

Sataa is written in katakana as Sataa/サター, which may be short for Satan (Sataan/サターン) or even translate to Satyr or Sutter. We left it as the katakana spelling as we're unsure.
Arle/Arles is written in katakana as Aruru/アルル. Aruru can be read as Alulu/Arle/Arles/etc. depending on how you want to translate it.

These are translations we have tried to provide and may not be 100% accurate.

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