Hello everyone!

Another month has gone by and I hope you are doing well! May was a busy month, but we knocked out a few Unico related things and I’ve spent some time photographing and scanning products to add more content to the site. You’ll also notice a few site changes here and there because as the website grows, we recognize the need to update how the information is presented on pages to make it easier for visitors.

Unico Diary

But enough rambling. Let’s get to the updates, shall we?

  • Changed the page name from Merchandise to Merchandise Museum. I felt it was misleading, as we are not selling anything and only showing you products that are currently or previously available. Basically, it’s a gallery with information. The page and its content are meant for informational and entertainment purposes.

  • Added the Accessories, Bags, Diaries, Journals, Notebooks and Letter Sets section to the Merchandise Museum. Quite a few items from the different 80s “My Unico” collections to check out. Now that we have the pages made, we’ll continue to add more and more to them.

  • “My Unico” Artbloom stickers were added to the Sticker section. They’ve released several kinds of stickers over the years, so we’re still organizing everything and editing photos.

  • We added a few books to the Publications section, as well as changed the layout. The 1996 Osamu Tezuka Scenario Collection (Kodansha) and the 2017 Osamu Tezuka Scenario Collection set which featured the synopsis/scenario/drafts Tezuka (and Tezuka Productions) wrote. They were collected and published over the years, and we wanted to include them for those who may want more information. If you visit the Publications page, you will notice we broke up the books into categories: Lyrica Version, First Grader Version, Children’s Books, and Other. We previously had a chronological list of all books, but we felt it may be easier to find what you’re looking for if it’s better organized. We’ve also added thumbnails to help be a visual guide instead of plain text. There are a few more books we need to include, so keep checking back!

  • Added Kukurukku and Yamaneko’s character profiles to finish the Unico in the Island of Magic section. At some point, we’ll go back and add the minor characters like Tolby and Cherry’s parents, the rocking horse, and so on.

  • On our About page, we added a Japanese translated portion to our “About the Site” and “Who Runs This Site?” areas. We get several visitors from around the world, but our top two countries are the United States and Japan. We want to remind everyone that we still have a dropdown menu on the right side for computer users and bottom for mobile, which will translate the entire website for you in several languages. I know they won’t be perfect translations, but hopefully it helps a little.

  • We removed the editorial post regarding “Unico and the Kingdom of the Sun” because we now have the full manuscript and others. We are super excited, and will make a page (or pages) for the Unico related scenario/synopsis with more information soon!

  • Minor spelling and translation updates around the site.

That’s about it for updates. If there is anything you’d like us to research or look into, please contact us or leave a comment below! Right now we’re just grinding through certain areas, but always love a detour! Thank you for visiting our site and checking out the updates! To stay up to date on any news or updates, please check back often or follow our Facebook page!

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