Character Profile | Yamaneko



Name: Yamaneko
Other Names: Melvin Magnificat, Melvin, Don Gatos Montes, Mountain Cat, Wildcat
Gender: Male
Species: Cat
First Appeared: Yamaneko appears in the second theatrical film Unico in the Island of Magic released July 16, 1983.

Yamaneko (山ねこ Yamaneko) is a character created for the second film. He does not appear in the manga.

Voice Actors

Japanese Voice: Ichirou Nagai (1983)
English Voice: Michael Sorich (this information is from the Unico in the Island of Magic IMBd website as the English cast is uncredited)
Italian Voice: Pietro Ubaldi
Korean Voice: Hong Jin-wook (홍진욱)
Spanish Voice: Mikel Gandía

Physical Appearance

Yamaneko is an orange striped cat with very plump features. His eyes are quite small on his face, and he is often wearing headphones. One side of his headphones has a bird (tweeter), and the other a frog (woofer). After he joins Tolby, he wears a red cape for a while.


Yamaneko acts like the boss of the forest, and bullies Unico when they first meet. While not entirely bad, he is conceited.


  • Being a henchman

Timeline of Appearances

DateMore Information
1983Yamaneko appears in the second theatrical film, Unico in the Island of Magic, released on July 17, 1983. He first appears after West Wind leaves Unico in the forest. The two chat until Yamaneko’s friends show up. That’s when they point out Unico’s physical appearance, and Yamaneko gets upset. The three cats chase Unico away, but later appear when Tolby is playing his flute in the forest. Yamaneko then joins forces with Tolby to turn all the creatures and humans into living dolls.