Character Profile | Night Wind

Night Wind from Unico.


Name: Night Wind
Other Names: Viento de la Noche, Vento della Notte, Nachtwind
Gender: Female
First Appeared: Night Wind first appears in the last part of Chapter 8 The Tale of the Fangs of Athens (アゼンスの牙の物語) which was published in Lyrica Magazine’s final issue on March 1979. She also appears in the first theatrical movie, Unicoon March 14, 1981.

Night Wind (夜風 Yokaze) appears in the manga and the first animated film.

Voice Actors

Japanese Voice: Ryouko Kinomiya (1981)
Czech Voice: Blanka Lormanová
German Voice: Viola Souer
Italian Voice: Alessandra Eleonori (2022 dub)
Korean Voice: Inshil Oh (오인실)
Spanish Voice: Amelia Jara

Physical Appearance

Her overall body is dark with a cloak-like appearance. When she flies in the air to turn the day into night, her body looks blue with black ribbons flowing down. Her appearance is the film is the same.


In the manga, she helps Unico by preventing the West Wind from taking him away. For the animated movie, the Gods order the Night Wind to take Unico away. While she is kind in the comic, she appears more of a villain in the film. The characters in the film fear her.


  • Changing the skies to night.
  • Flight.

Timeline of Appearances

DateMore Information
1979In the conclusion of Chapter 8 The Tale of the Fangs of Athens (アゼンスの牙の物語), Unico is trying to hide from West Wind, who is there to take him away once again. As she tries to grab Unico, the Night Wind appears, telling West Wind to leave as night falls. After the West Wind is gone, Night Wind tells Unico it’s safe, but he only has until daylight before the West Wind returns. It was thanks to Puck that Night Wind assisted the little unicorn.
1981In the theatrical film, the Night Wind is called upon after the Gods noticed the Island of Solitude had changed because of Unico. The Gods order her to take Unico far away, and she agrees. While West Wind speaks with Akuma-kun, darkness falls. Night Wind intercepts the two, swallowing and trapping them in darkness. The little devil spots an area of daylight, and the two can escape.

2024The Kickstarter that began in 2022 to create a retelling of “The Cat on the Broomstick” chapter from the original manga called Unico: Awakening was a success. Scholastic picked up the series and the first volume will be released on August 6, 2024. The Night Wind will appear once more!