Character Profile | Gods

The Gods


Name: Gods
Other Names: 신들 (Sindeul)
Gender: Male
First Appeared: The Gods appear in the first theatrical movie, Unico, on March 14, 1981.

The Gods (神さまたち Kamisama-tachi) appear in the first theatrical movie as minor characters.

Voice Actors

Japanese Voice: Taeko Nakanishi (1981)
English Voice: Ardwight Chamberlain, Jan Rabson, Michael Sorich
Italian Voice: Nino Scardina (1986 dub); Guido Rutta (2022 dub)
Korean Voice: Youngjae Park (박영재), Jihwan Lee (이지환), Seunghan Shim (심승한)

Physical Appearance

The group of gods all have white gowns, wings, and halos. Each has a different height, size, and shape, but all have white or gray beards.


Each of the gods has their own personality. Some are kind, while others are ruthless. When some wish for Unico to die, others thought that was too harsh.


  • Deciding Unico’s fate?
  • Ordering spirits to do their bidding.
  • Congregating on clouds in the sky.

Timeline of Appearances

DateMore Information
1981The Gods appear in the first theatrical movie titled Unico. In the film, the gods are unhappy that Unico is spreading happiness around the world. They feel they alone should be in charge of who is happy and who is not. They order the West Wind to take Unico away from his family and leave him on the Hill of Oblivian.