February has come and gone! Before I get into the updates, though, I wanted to let you know what’s going on in March. Next month will be busier for me, so I’ll be taking a break from updating pages on the site. I’ll certainly update for any news-related Unico content, but I have a friend visiting from Japan, and I need to finish a couple of other projects. I’ll resume updating the site in April, so please look forward to that.

Unico smiling
Animage December 1980 Cover

Also want to throw this out there, but I’ve been hunting for books and magazines with articles or interviews related to Unico. There were several anime magazines in the 80s, so I’ve been picking up the issues I know have the content I’m searching for. If you’ve seen older anime magazines which feature Unico info, please reach out or comment on this post and let me know, especially if it’s something not in the Articles and Interviews section. For example, Animage, The Anime, My Anime, Animec, OUT, and other magazines around 1981 and 1983 feature information about the Unico movies.

Also! I’m not only looking for Japanese articles, books, or magazines because I’d love to see other languages as well if they’re available. There’s often information and interviews not found anywhere else, so I enjoy finding anything and sharing it with others. I greatly appreciate it!


My Unico Fans Updates!

  • February was a big month for Unico: Awakening, as both Kickstarter and Scholastic Graphix covers were finally revealed. The Popverse website shared the Scholastic version of the cover on February 8th, while backers of the Kickstarter could see their version on February 6th. I’ve updated the Scholastic cover on the proper pages on the site, but am waiting for the Kickstarter version to be released until we update the graphics.

  • Updated a few links in Unico’s Character profile. There were game websites no longer active and coming up as “suspicious,” so I wanted to fix that. This was done for both Eshigami no Kizuna and Nouen Hokkorina as the games are no longer active and/or exist. Also added a 2018 appearance of Unico in the webcomic, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things.
  • The page with Unico related food items is up! I’ll add more soon! Check out the candy and treats that were available in the 80s.

  • I mentioned searching for books and magazines in the beginning of this post, so it should be no surprise I created a few placeholders for the Articles and Interview section. These are magazines I’ve purchased but need to ship from Japan and translate. I have a few other books as well, but I’m not sure what kind of information they’ll have until I receive them.

  • Fixed a few things in the West Wind character profile and included a new appearance. In 2017, the magazine Genki Life mentioned voice actress Janet Waldo (English dub), who voiced the West Wind in Unico in the Island of Magic as part of their “Remembering Who Have Passed” section.

Unico in the Island of Magic blurb from the Disney Channel Magazine 1987
Image: “This fanciful animated film from Sanrio Communications tells of Unico and his grumpy friend Melvin the Magnificat.”
  • Added 1987 air dates for Unico in the Island of Magic when it appeared on The Disney Channel. You’ll find this information on the English Video Releases page. I previously only had 1989 available. The image to the left features the air dates, but also an interesting blurb on what the movie might be about? Haha!
  • Uploaded an ad from an older Disney Channel Magazine which featured Unico in the Island of Magic. You can see it on the Advertisements page at the bottom.

  • Fixed a few pages that needed to be updated. Just some spacing, minor errors, adding some info, etc.
Morinaga Mini Snack 1981 Unico
Did I use snacks to separate content on the post? Yes.

That’s it for now! Like I said in the beginning of this post, I’ll be taking March off to get a bunch of stuff done. I have a few Unico-related projects I’m hoping to finish by the end of March, so we’ll see how that goes. Nothing crazy cool or anything, just more translations, editorial stuff I haven’t finished, and possibly updating the site’s main logo. It’s a new year and we need new graphics! I also need to get back on track with creating informative videos, but we’ll see where the month takes me.

Thanks for checking out the updates! If there is anything you’d like me to research or look into, please contact me! I hope you enjoy visiting. To stay up to date on any news or updates, please check back often, join our newsletter or follow our Facebook page! I do monthly updates on the last day of the month, so definitely stop by!

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※ A quick reminder for those visiting this site. I’m a fan of Osamu Tezuka’s work and focus on the Unico series. I enjoy researching and sharing information, but I won’t upload any full comics, movies, soundtracks, or similar content. You will only find information and news on this site, but never hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for something specific that I may help you with.


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