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Hello and welcome to our first poll!

Yes, I know I mentioned in the last update I was taking a break, but I wanted to get this going and let it do its thing. I’ve been curious about what type of content you all enjoy and want to see on the site, so I’ve created a poll! This will allow me to focus on certain areas instead of bouncing all over the place.

No, you don’t need to vote. This is completely voluntary, but helps me a ton! Down below, you’ll see several answers to choose from, as well as one to type in your own, just in case someone wants to see something specific. We all enjoy different aspects of Unico, so I’d like to provide specific information and interesting topics if I can.

Thank you again!

My Unico Fans Poll

What would you like to see more of on My Unico Fans?

Min votes count should be 1


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