Unico Related Food

Plenty of snacks and food items have been available over the years, from chocolate treats to parfaits and gelatine. Let’s check out these items from over the years!

Morinaga Choco Snack

This light and chocolaty snack has been around for years and is probably one of the most iconic treats from the Morinaga company. If you’re ever curious what these taste like, definitely look up Morinaga Chocoballs, as they are now called. These specific snacks were available when the first Unico film was in theaters in 1981 and featured three Unico designs. Attached to the top of the snack were a box which included a Unico figure or accessory.

These were sold for around 100 yen each.

Morinaga Mini Snack

Morinaga Mini Snack Unico 1981

Also available during the same time as the previous treat, the Mini Snack was puffed corn with two different flavors: Amakara (bonito flavor) and Usuama (peanut flavor). The package designs featured Unico and Chao.

These were sold for around 60 yen each.

Morinaga Mini Snack Unico 1981

Morinaga Fun Bag

Morinaga Fun Bag Unico 1981

These fun bags (boxes?) came with candy and also a Unico figure. There were two known designs available, both featuring Chao and Unico on them. The boxes were around 135mm x 200mm (around 5.3 in x 7.8 in) and opened from the top.

These were sold for around 200 yen each.

Unico Collab Cafe at HIROMAN’S COFFEE

In 2021, Tezuka Productions and HIROMAN’S COFFEE collaborated on a Unico cafe featuring food and drink items. The cafe was around from March 20 to May 10, 2021. Below are the items that were available on their menu. I’ve translated the blurbs the best I could.

Full of Happiness and SweetnessUnico’s Fresh Chocolate Cake Set

A set of fresh chocolate cake topped with whipped cream and cherry with a strawberry milk-flavored drink. The whipped cream comes in 7 colors! It’s a surprise which color you’ll get.

Chocolate cake & Strawberry Milk
Bonus: Acrylic keychain
Price: 1,320 Yen (tax included)

Riding Anywhere with the West Wind – Unico’s Sky-Blue Parfait

A cute parfait with star-studded Fruche topped with cotton candy, marble ice cream, heart wafers, and cherry.

Bonus: Acrylic keychain
Price: 1,320 Yen (tax included)

Welcome to the Flower Field! Unico’s Flower Drink

A peach milk flavored drink topped with peaches to represent a flower. Alternate between enjoying the peach and drink.

Peach Milk
Bonus: Acrylic coaster stand
Price: 1,210 Yen (tax included)

Unico’s Happy Clover Drink

A melon Calpis flavored drink topped with marble ice cream and flower-inspired whipped cream. The fairytale-like appearance will get you in the mood!

Melon Calpis
Bonus: Acrylic coaster stand
Price: 1,210 Yen (tax included)

Flapping Unico’s Sky Walking Drink

A strawberry milk flavored drink with marshmallows and whipped cream to represent Unico. Enjoy by dipping the marshmallows in plenty of whipped cream.

Strawberry Milk
Bonus: Acrylic keychain
Price: 1,100 Yen (tax included)

Osamu Tezuka Character x Plant-based Food Collab

Image: Unico’s Happiness: Yangnyeom soy chicken rice

Aim Service and Tezuka Productions collaborated on a plant-based food menu for employee cafeterias throughout Japan. These menu items started around 2022 and more were available in 2023. Below are the Unico-related menu items that were available.

Unico’s Happiness: Yangnyeom soy chicken rice

The image above says:
“Unable to ignore those in need, the kind Unico travels through time and space to visit various worlds. This rice menu uses ‘soy chicken’ which is both healthy and environmentally friendly, and will satisfy even the hungry!”

Image: Unico’s Happy: Soy Keema Curry Burrito

The image above says:
“Unico is a baby unicorn who brings happiness. The spirit of the West Wind takes him on a journey through time and to various places. How about an easy-to-eat burrito for lunch today?”

Valentine’s Chocolate Tins

Image: Front and back of tin
Image: Chocolate wrapper

They sold this Unico tin with individually wrapped chocolates in stores and online in Japan around Valentine’s Day 2024. Five other Osamu Tezuka character tins were available as well, including Astro Boy, Black Jack, Pinoko, Princess Knight, and Leo. There were eight wrapped milk chocolates inside the tin, and the wrapping features Tezuka characters. You can read more about its original release on the news page.

The tins were available for 950 yen (6.40 USD).