Unico Related Food

Plenty of snacks and food items have been available over the years, from chocolate treats to parfaits and gelatine. Let’s check out these items from over the years!

Morinaga Choco Snack

This light and chocolaty snack has been around for years and is probably one of the most iconic treats from the Morinaga company. If you’re ever curious what these taste like, definitely look up Morinaga Chocoballs, as they are now called. These specific snacks were available when the first Unico film was in theaters in 1981 and featured three Unico designs. Attached to the top of the snack were a box which included a Unico figure or accessory.

These were sold for around 100 yen each.

Morinaga Mini Snack

Morinaga Mini Snack Unico 1981

Also available during the same time as the previous treat, the Mini Snack was puffed corn with two different flavors: Amakara (bonito flavor) and Usuama (peanut flavor). The package designs featured Unico and Chao.

These were sold for around 60 yen each.

Morinaga Mini Snack Unico 1981

Morinaga Fun Bag

Morinaga Fun Bag Unico 1981

These fun bags (boxes?) came with candy and also a Unico figure. There were two known designs available, both featuring Chao and Unico on them. The boxes were around 135mm x 200mm (around 5.3 in x 7.8 in) and opened from the top.

These were sold for around 200 yen each.