Hello again!

It’s summer now and we hope you are having lots of fun! We’ve been writing and translating Unico things on our end, so there may not be as many updates as previous months. Nevertheless, we added more to the site and hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve been working on.

July 16 is coming up, which marks the first post we made on the site! We like to think of it as our official anniversary day, and we’ll be turning TWO! Isn’t that fun? The site is so young. We have added a lot to the site over those years, and we’re looking forward to providing more!

Now on to the updates…

Unico Round Pochette Bags


  • As mentioned in a previous update, we got a hold of a few books, which included Unico related manuscripts (or drafts). From what we could see, there wasn’t any information in English about these specific scripts, so we wanted to translate and find a place for them on the website. We’ve added as much information as we could and a retelling of each script so you can read the stories at your leisure. We did not provide an exact translation or the Japanese text in the posts as the books are still available in Japan. If you’re a collector or would like these specific books, several online websites have them for sale. We definitely recommend them as they have several other Tezuka series and information not found anywhere else. If you’re curious about these scripts, you’ll find them in the Manuscript section of the site.

  • Added more product images and information to the Merchandise Museum. This month we tried to focus on items made during Unico’s 40th celebration. More bags, stickers, notebooks, etc. There are still plenty to add, so check back when you can.

  • Similar to other sections of the website (like the Publications page), we updated the Soundtrack section to include the covers of the albums and space it out a bit. It was simply a list before and we wanted to make it easier for visitors.
Unico HD Remaster DVD
  • The Video Media section also got an update similar to the Soundtrack section. Again, we hope it helps with navigating the site.

  • Added two more coloring books from the Tezuka Moderno educational line of merchandise. We were gifted several goodies from our friend unicolove on Instagram, and wanted to be sure to share information about the books on the site. We’ll get to the other items soon as we’re slowly photographing and Photoshopping things. These are super adorable and we thank you so much, unicolove!

  • We’ve been messing around with adding site elements, and you may notice at the bottom of a post before the comment section there is a section for “Related” posts. This simply shares posts related to the current one you’re reading. Since this is a “Site Update” post, it’ll most likely show previous update posts as well. If it’s a post about a figure, it will show you other posts about figures.

  • Speaking of site stuff, we updated our banner with new original art! Hope you like it. We wanted a summer theme and thought this would be cute and fun.

  • We took a break from the Character section, but will continue to make more profiles for July. We have a few prepped for the “Saving our Fragile Earth” animation, so they’ll be up soon.

That’s it for now. If there is anything you’d like us to research or look into, please contact us or leave a comment below! Thank you for visiting our site and checking out the updates. We appreciate it and hope you enjoy visiting. To stay up to date on any news or updates, please check back often or follow our Facebook page!

You can also find me (Xellis) on Instagram and Twitter. I’ve been posting a ton of anime related stuff, so if you enjoy that, totally come visit!


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