Osamu Tezuka Manga Complete Works Part Two

From 1977 to 1997, Kodansha published almost a full library of Osamu Tezuka’s works, which included Unico. They published the first two books in 1983, featuring the shoujo manga version. They released this Shougaku Ichinensei collection of comics in 1993 for the first time.

Three comics are missing from this collection. “えいがの中へ入りこめ” (Get Inside the Movie) is not present. That specific chapter has only been published in the original magazine and the first volume of the Color Version Elementary School Comics set.

The other missing comic is “北風の神様” (God of the North Wind). You can find this chapter in the third volume of the Pikkapika Comics set.

The third chapter, which is only known as “Chapter 36,” can only be found in the original issue of First Grader (Shougaku Ichinensei) magazine.

Unico (First Grader Version)

Title: Unico Shougaku Ichinensei Version (vol. 310)
Publisher: Kodansha
Published: 1993


1. ユニコとうじょうUnico Appears
2. こいのぼりで大そうじLarge Cleaning With Koinobori
3. ペットじまんPet Pride
4. 大きなオタマジャクシGiant Tadpole
5. ほたるになろうBecome a Firefly
6. ラゴンがやってきたRagon Has Arrived
7. ラゴンのむしばRagon’s Cavity
8. うんどうかいで大あばれThe Great Athlete Meet
9. ユニコ、どうぶつえんへUnico Goes to the Zoo
10. ゆき女がやってきたThe Snow Woman Has Arrived
11. いたずらラゴンNaughty Ragon
12. はなをさかそうLet’s Bloom
13. すばこをつくろうLet’s Build a Birdhouse
14. つゆがきたなつがきたThe Rainy Season Has Come, Summer Has Come
15. しっぱいつずきContinue to Fail
16. まほうで大かつやくGreat Success With Magic
17. おばけがいっぱいLots of Ghosts
18. ユニコ大かつやくUnico’s Great Success
19. アニメをつくろうLet’s Make an Anime
20. ケーキたべたいなI Want to Eat Cake
21. ラゴンのおしょうがつRagon’s New Year
22. はやりかぜのふうたろうI Guess it was a Cold
23. ゆきがっせん大会Snowball Fight
24. 大きくなったチョウチョウThe Butterfly That Became Big
25. ふしぎなラッパMysterious Trumpet
26. つゆの女神さまThe Rainy Season Goddess
27. ラゴンのへんしんRagon’s Transformation
28. ラゴンの花火Ragon’s Fireworks
29. ぼうそうトラックRunaway Truck
30. 大きなお年だまBig New Year
31. まほうのゆきだるまMagic Snowmen
32. もとはなーにWhat is the Original?
33. ハイキングHiking
34. なんでもつれるつりざおFishing Rod that can Catch Anything
35. チャオがやってきたChao Has Arrived
36. しんげんちをさがせLooking for Advice
37. さらわれたチャオChao Was Kidnapped
38. めずらしいつのUnusual Horn
39. ふくびきLottery
40. 早くきすぎたサンタさんSanta Came Too Early

These are translations we have tried to provide and may not be 100% accurate.

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