Character Profile | Grandpa

Grandpa from the manga.


Name: Grandpa
Other Names: Ojii-chan, Nonno, Grand-père, Abuelito
Gender: Male
Species: Human
First Appeared: Grandpa appears in the 7th Chapter – Black Rain and White Flower (Part 1) of the June 1978 issue of Sanrio’s Lyrica Magazine. They later changed the chapter title to Black Cloud and White Feather.

Grandpa (おじいちゃん, Ojii-chan) is a character that appears in the pilot episode and manga.

Voice Actors

Japanese Voice: Ichiro Arishima (1979)
Spanish: Miguel Ortiz

Physical Appearance

Grandpa shares Osamu Tezuka’s Dr. Ochanomizu’s appearance in the manga. He is stout, with an enormous nose and white puffs of hair. The pilot episode changed his design, giving him a tall and thinner appearance. He has a full head of light gray hair and a mustache.


As Chiko’s guardian, Grandpa is very protective of the young girl, and is not afraid to show his emotions. Grandpa and the other townspeople fight to shut down the factory, but they were unsuccessful.


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Timeline of Appearances

DateMore Information
1978Grandpa first appears in the 7th Chapter – Black Rain and White Flower (Part 1) of the June 1978 issue of Lyrica magazine. He protects Chiko from the evil factory that has fallen in love with her. Although he keeps his granddaughter safe, the pollution from the factory is killing Chiko. When Unico arrives, Grandpa feels that any animal will make her more sick and tries to get rid of the little unicorn. Thankfully, Unico can help Chiko and get rid of the factory, allowing Chiko and her grandpa to live happily ever after.
1979In the pilot episode Black Cloud and White Feather, Grandpa tosses Unico out of the window, not wanting Chiko to have any strange animals that may make her more sick. After Chiko runs out to get Unico, Grandpa realizes how much they care for each other and lets Unico stay.

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