Contactoons announced on their Facebook page on May 22 that their next fan club items will include Kimba and Unico related items. The fan club is a great way to support Santo Verduci (who directs, translates, voice acts, sings, and so much more for the cartoons), Contactoons, and Sanver Production, and you’re able to get some goodies when you do. The new fan club items will feature a DVD box set with the Italian dubs of Jungle Emperor: The Brave Can Change the Future (Kimba I coraggiosi cambiano il futuro), The Fantastic Adventures of Unico (Le fantastiche avventure di Unico), and Unico in the Island of Magic (Unico nell’isola della magia), and CD with the theme songs from each movie.

While you can purchase the Contactoons 6 album on CD or digitally for the music, the company has not released the films on DVD. The movies are currently on Chili and Amazon Prime (Italian), so this is the first time these films will be offered on physical media. Since they are being made for the fan club, the company will only produce limited copies, and once they sell out, they will not reprint them.

The fan club is not only for fans in Europe, they are offering membership to everyone around the world who would like to join. So if you’re like me and live in the United States, you should be able to join. The annual membership fee is 50 Euros (around 54 USD or so), but be aware that you will pay more for shipping since you live outside of Europe. This is a wonderful opportunity to support everyone involved in making the Italian dub for these Osamu Tezuka films.

Currently, the fan club box has Contactoons items and Transor 5 DVD available, but the Facebook post mentioned the Kimba and Unico items will be in production as they are not available yet.

To register for the Contactoons Fan Club, you must head over to their website. On the bottom of the page is the registration form, where you’ll put your name, email, phone number, and address (type in your full address, of course).

Sign up for the Fan Club Here.

If your browser does not have a translator, below is an English translation of the registration form. I hope this helps if you decide to join the fan club! After you press the send button, a message should appear below stating that they’ll be in touch with more information.

Image: English translation of registration form for CONTACTOONS Fan Club.

** I will update this post when I have more information.

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