Despite my plans to take time off, I ended up updating the website because of the sudden appearance of Unico-related news and other things. But news is news, and overall it’s what my visitors come to the website for. I squeaked in a few updates on a few pages, but they were minor. Sometimes I think of something while I’m at work and find time to add things. Other than that, it’s been a crazy but fun month!

Was there anything Unico-related on my break?

Yesssssss. Towards the end of February, I needed to reorganize my collection and pulled everything out. I’m not one of those cool collectors that has their collection on display because I don’t have a special room or place to put everything. For now, most of it rests safely in Rubbermaid containers to prevent any dust or gunk building up on them. As you can see from the photos, I had plenty to reorganize.

Unico collection
Image: Unico goodies

While I only needed one container many years ago, that’s not the case now. Lyrica magazines now have their own box. Flat media like laserdiscs and vinyl records have their own box. Posters and calendars are now in a safer container. Plushies in one box, shirts in another. There’s still plenty to organize, but I was happy to get most of my collection safely put away.

Unico collection
Image: More Unico goodies

Did I get any new Unico items?

I sure did! My friend, unicolove, and I have what we call a “Unico Care Package” we send to each other now and then. Sometimes we come upon doubles or items we know the other does not have in their collection and either trade or surprise each other. It’s a great way for us to help each other’s collection and geek out over our love for Unico items.

I sent my package in January, and not too long after she got my package, she sent one to me! Yay! Check it out below!

Unico goodies
Image: Unico goodies with a ton of other cute items and stickers! Yay!
TEZUCOMI's "Catalante" with Unico and Zoe
Image: Art by Mig; Colors by Rafael Perez

My TEZUCOMI Kickstarter items also arrived on the first day of March. The package included the manga and addons featuring Unico on them. I really enjoyed the story Catalante by Mig featuring Unico and a young girl named Zoe. Zoe is a huge fan of the book series titled Catalante, where the comic’s title comes from, and reads them to the other kids staying at the hospital. Unfortunately, the author of the book series quit writing after a family tragedy, but Zoe writes to him often, hoping the author will one day continue. Her only wish is to read the end of the book series.

Without spoiling too much of the comic, I really enjoyed the chapter and appreciate it illustrating that Unico cannot heal ill people and instead has Unico focusing on making a wish come true.

Meme: I need to buy more Unico related books and magazines.
Image: “I need to buy more Unico related books and magazines.”

As for items I’ve purchased for myself, it’s mostly been books and magazines. Seven books, to be exact. All include information, interviews, and more about Unico-related stuff. Most of them are about the films, as several anime magazines interviewed staff members or showcased the movies to help advertise them. A few of the books focus on aspects of the manga and how Osamu Tezuka worked on his shoujo series. I also got two issues of Lyrica magazine I was missing which features Don Morgan’s The Swan comic. While I had most of the comic from previous issues, I was missing two chapters and really wanted to pick them up.

Don Morgan's The Swan comic from Sanrio's Lyrica Magazine.
Image: The Swan by Don Morgan

No, Don Morgan’s The Swan has nothing to do with Unico, but it’s been on my mind to share information about this comic with anyone interested. Morgan was a talented American animator, illustrator, mountain man, and more who sadly passed away on March 31, 2019. The comic he helped create for Sanrio’s Lyrica magazine tied into the Winds of Change (Hoshi no Orpheus) film released in 1978. From October 1977 to June 1978, The Swan was featured in Lyrica with nine chapters. It followed Rontu Roo, a storyteller, who finds two young people to tell the story of Cycnus and Phaethon. A version of this tale appears in Winds of Change, but the comic focuses on Phaethon’s journey to see his father, the tragedy that follows, and what Cycnus does afterward.

If you want to learn more about Don Morgan, I definitely recommend these pages:
In His Own Words: Don Morgan | (
Remembering Don Morgan | (
Don Morgan – Lambiek Comiclopedia

What else?

It's me at Garden of the Gods.
Image: Hooray! Look how excited I am to see large rock formations again!

In my previous site update, I mentioned my friend visiting from Japan and a few other projects I needed to finish. My friend and I spent a day wandering around fun areas in Colorado and sang a bit of karaoke while she was here. It’s fun to wear your voice out singing anime songs. Haha!

While I didn’t finish all my projects, I got a chunk of my to do list knocked out. This included dental work, cleaning and organizing the house, helping my kids with various school things, and more. To devote more time to this site and my own creative endeavors, I had to finish a few things.

What now?

Well, from here I’ll start updating the site again! I know that’s really what you wanted to know. I created a poll at the beginning of March to get an idea of what my visitors would like to see more of. As I look at it now, people really want Unico-related news, more merchandise pics and information, and articles/interviews/translations. If you haven’t voted, definitely go vote if you’d like!

Click here to see the poll!

I know this post was off topic for the site, so I don’t expect anyone to read it, but if you did, thank you and hope you enjoyed. I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of Unico related news and information coming out this year, so I’ll do my best to stay on top of everything! Unico: Awakening will most likely have a big launch thanks to Scholastic/Graphix, so I’m curious to see how the world will be reintroduced to Osamu Tezuka’s little unicorn.

Until next time!


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