Unico: Awakening Scholastic Cover by Samuel Sattin and Gurihiru
Image: Copyright Scholastic/Graphix/Samuel Sattin/Gurihiru/Tezuka Productions

While I’m taking a break from updating the site, I said I’d create a post when there was any Unico-related news, and I felt this was pretty important to share with those who may be interested. Unico: Awakening writer Samuel Sattin made an update on the official Kickstarter page yesterday with information regarding the estimated arrival date for its backers. This is news many people have been waiting for, so if you have not seen the update, check out the link below for more information.


As the update states, June 17 is a conservative estimate, so Unico: Awakening goodies could arrive anywhere after that time. More information on shipping estimates will also be available soon, as that is something several backers want to know more about as well.

Since there are a few months until both Kickstarter and Scholastic/Graphix versions of Unico: Awakening arrive, I want to remind everyone that you can pick up a sneak peek of the comic on Free Comic Book Day this May 4, so definitely check out the local comic shops in your area. You can visit Comic Shop Locator to see if there is a participating comic store near you, which also includes those of you outside of North America. Since Unico: Awakening is a Silver Sponser comic, I’m not sure if it will be available everywhere, but I hope you’re able to find yourself an issue if you’re out searching!

※ As a reminder, I’m not affiliated with Unico: Awakening or the Kickstarter. I’m just a fan sharing information, so always check the official pages for the most up-to-date information and news. Thank you!

Official Unico: Awakening Sites:
UNICO: AWAKENING manga by Gurihiru & Samuel Sattin by Octas Inc. — Kickstarter
UNICO: AWAKENING (ユニコ: 目覚めのおはなし) (@UnicoManga) / X (

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