While this is only for those in Japan, I wanted to give anyone over there the heads up in case they wanted to join in on this workshop. According to the official Tezuka Goods X/Twitter post below, on Saturday March 16, 2024, there will be a workshop to create your own original clearfile featuring five of Tezuka’s characters: Atom, Black Jack, Leo, Sapphire and Unico. According to the flyer, you’ll trace a Tezuka character on a paper clear file and color it.

X/Twitter Post:

See original post here.

What’s a clearfile?

A clear file is a thin plastic folder that holds your papers. They often have characters from anime, movies, video games, etc. on them and are fairly cheap in terms of character goods.

More Information:
When: March 16, 2024.
Where: Anime Tokyo Station in Ikebukuro
Time: 11:30 – 13:00 (1st time); 14:00 – 15:30 (2nd time); and 16:30 – 18:00 (3rd time)
Session Times: Approximately 15 minutes
Price: Free
Other: Limited to one ticket per person. For everyone.

Please visit the workshop page on Anime Tokyo Sation’s website for more information. (In Japanese)

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手塚プロダクション/手塚治虫【公式】 on X: “【3/16(土) ワークショップ開催_🖋️】 池袋にある #アニメ東京ステーション でワークショップを開催!アトムやレオの絵を描いてオリジナルのクリアファイルをつくってみよう♬ 参加費無料🆓👍 🗓️3/16(土) 📍アニメ東京ステーション( ▼詳細▼” / X (
アクセス – アニメ東京ステーション (
【ワークショップ】オリジナルクリアファイルをつくろう!! – アニメ東京ステーション (


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