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Hello again!

Boy, these months are flying by! Did some updating and cleaning around the site, which will be on the list below. November and December are crazy months between holidays and everything else, so I may not have as many site updates from now until the beginning of the new year. There has been little Unico related news lately, except for updates to Unico: Awakening, which we are super excited about. The closer it is to completion, the more antsy we get.

A few of the recent Black Jack and Tezuka related galleries and shops in Japan had a handful of Unico art and merchandise from several artists. We absolutely adore Yamada Uzuki’s illustrations of Pinoko, Chao, and Unico for the Kichimushi gallery. If you look through her Twitter, you’ll find all the illustrations. I wish I was in Japan to have gotten some goodies! Alas, I’m too far away.

Sharing Some Unico Fan Love!

I wanted to share an exceptional video a fellow fan of Unico sent us. Estrella put together this fun video to show her love for Unico and spread more awareness to those who may not be familiar with Unico. We enjoyed the video and wanted to share it with others. There are English subtitles available, so check it out below!

Translation: “WHERE’S UNICO? – A small introspection to Osamu Tezuka’s forgotten unicorn.”


Living TV running to Esuo and Unico.
Image Copyright Osamu Tezuka
  • Earlier in the month, we made a post going over Chapter 36 of the First Grader version of Unico. They have not published this chapter anywhere else, so when I got a hold of it, I had to write about it so others can learn more. If this interests you, click here to read more.
  • Updated the Unico Related Links page. I hope the tables help separate the official sites, informational sites by fans, Wiki pages, and other sites. Added more language pages as well. Although I’ve conducted the research and translations for this site (My Unico Fans), I encourage you to refer to official sites for the latest information and news.

  • I am testing out a Newsletter feature at the moment. Our goal is to send out an email once a month with all Unico related news, site updates, and “Spotlight” posts I’ve made that month. I don’t want to spam anyone’s email, so I’ll only send out extremely important emails if something comes up in between the monthly updates. If you’re interested, you can sign up for the newsletter on the My Unico Fans Newsletter page!

  • Added another Unico appearance/reference to Unico’s character page. I learned that in the Cartoon Network 20th Birthday book (published in 2012), Katherine Brannock states that both Unico movies were her favorite growing up.
  • Updated news of Unico: Awakening being part of Free Comic Book Day 2024. I wanted to make sure people knew there’d be a preview comic available. This is a great opportunity for everyone to get a sneak peek before they release the first volume, August 6, 2024! (We’re assuming Kickstarter backers will get their books before FCBD.)

  • I have given little love to the English dub and release of Unico, so I redid the English Language page. Because of how popular Unico was in the 80s in North America, we felt this needed to be done. Added official links so you can watch The Fantastic Adventures of Unico and Unico in the Island of Magic, and separated the video and manga releases to make it easier to find information. The original page felt clunky with information, so I hope breaking it up helps. You can check them out on these pages: English Video Releases and English Manga Releases. The video release page needs to be cleaned up as well, but I’ll get to that soon. As always, I’ll continue to update the pages when I can.
  • Added another translated blurb to the Articles and Interview section. The December 1982 issue of The Anime magazine had a page showcasing Unico in the Island of Magic before it was released in theaters. You can read it here. (P.S. I absolutely love the magazine’s cover)

  • That’s not all we translated. We got a hold of a 1980 issue of Animage magazine which features some information and comments from those involved with the first movie before its theatrical release. You can read it here!

※ This isn’t news, but a quick reminder for those visiting this site. I’m a fan of Osamu Tezuka’s work and focus on the Unico series. I enjoy researching and sharing information, but I won’t upload any full comics, movies, soundtracks, or similar content. You will only find information and news on this site, but never hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for something specific that I may help you with.

Thanks for checking out the updates! If there is anything you’d like us to research or look into, please contact us! I hope you enjoy visiting. To stay up to date on any news or updates, please check back often or follow our Facebook page! I do monthly updates on the last day of the month, so definitely stop by!

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