Unico: Awakening Kickstarter Launched!
The Unico: Awakening project has launched on Kickstarter!

The Unico: Awakening project has launched on Kickstarter and is already halfway there by the time we write this! If you want to join in on making this project become a reality, please use the link below and back them up!

UNICO: AWAKENING manga by Gurihiru & Samuel Sattin by Octas Inc. — Kickstarter

There are several affordable tiers and plenty that have several rewards! Besides the prints and artifact items, Unico and Chloe pins have been announced as well as shirts with Junko Mizuno’s artwork. When pledging your amount, you are also able to add on rewards as well! This is truly exciting to see in action!

Soft Cover Books

The official Twitter account for Unico: Awakening is the best place for up-to-date information and news so follow it here: UNICO: AWAKENING (ユニコ: 目覚めのおはなし) (@UnicoManga) / Twitter

UNICO: AWAKENING (ユニコ: 目覚めのおはなし) (@UnicoManga) / Twitter

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